used to be if you where under a perminate profile that prevented you from the performance of duty or the ability to PT. you would be chaptered then a board would review your condition and apply a formula to the severity of the injury and then send it on the the VA which would then grant you disability due to military service. I dont think its changed much.
Once you receive a P3 profile, your med-board clock starts ticking. Depending on which blocks are checked on the profile, you will either go before the MMRB or the MEB within a few months. The MMRB will decide if you need to reclass and if you are eligible for another MOS, fit for duty to return to your current MOS, or recommend being seen by the MEB. Now, the MEB works like a whole new animal these days. Everything is changing and evolving constantly right now. When you go before the MEB, you will be determined fit for duty or unfit for duty. Look up your condition in AR 40-501 (standards for military medical fitness) if you need to.
If you are found unfit for duty, they will compute your disability rating and go from there. If you receive under 30% you will be medically chaptered and its basically like ETS'ing with some other benefits along with a lump sum severance. If you receive 30% or higher, you will be processed for medical retirement on either the TDRL (temporary disabled retired list) or the PDRL (permanent disabled retired list). TDRL is becoming very common these days when dealing with cases of TBI (traumatic brain injury) and PTSD. If your medical condition can be expected to improve in time, you will likely be put on the TDRL until they deem you need to be permanently retired.

Check out AR 635-200 and AR 40-501 though, you will probably find a lot of answers in there. Without knowing any medical conditions, its hard to know what you may be in store for in the future.

BTW, I'm not a subject matter expert by any means, talk to your Primary Care Provider about it all. I'm currently a squad leader in the Warrior Transition Battalion, so I deal with this stuff on a daily basis.

Also, Ft Carson has a WTU there correct? If you aren't in it already, maybe try and link up with a knowledgeable squad leader over there who might be able to answer some questions or look for the Ombudsman in the hospital on post to see if they can help you at all. Most of the Ombudsmen are all retired medical corps Sergeants Major, so they generally know their stuff.

Good luck with it all
i have a question. I've been in the army 14 years and have had both hips partially replaced. Trying to find out what my options might be. I want to stay till I hit 20 but dont know if I can. My unit has no clue about my situation and I'm also a 13F. Any info would be greatly appreciated.
I'm an army spouse, my husband has been in the army for seven yrs. He has completed two deployments overseas. He has reenlisted once and after many injuries and no proper healing time was put on a p3 in January of this year. He suffers from severe ptsd and tbi along with needed knee surgery on his left knee. He has suffered hearing loss and memory loss which continues to be a daily problem. His company here on fort bliss put him on the fat boy program while on a p3 back in January. my husband is on a list of meds for anxiety , depression, sleep issues etc all steming from the tbi and ptsd. Everything has been documented for the last 2 yrs or so and so we thought that they would move him to the wtu or wtb. However that is not the case, they sent him on continuous details, field trainings and nie training. They started the medboard process but canceled it while he was in the field. Now they are trying to throw a chapter 18 at him saying he hasn't tried to lose weight. His commander doesn't even try to give him a chance or to help him. They won't even give him a copy of the chapter 18 counseling that they just forced him to sign last week. They are not telling him how long all of this is going to take and we have no house set up for our family since they did this to him . What can we do , who can we talk to that will help us? We don't know whats going to happen ? we wanted nothing more than to be lifers. Can someone help me with advice and information?
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