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Originally posted by Daddy Warcrimes:
I enrolled in SSD 3 last FY and now I'm trying to drop it.

ALMS won't let me "No drop privilege, offering associated with ATRRS course iteration" and ATRRS doesn't seem to have a feature for it.

Any ideas?

I'd suggest having your unit ATRRS guy drop you from the course.
I just went through this for ALC-CC...to be dropped from the course(s,) once approved, you need to get in touch with the SSD guys at HRC and send a 4187 to them from the first O6 in your chain, approving the drop. If you PM me your email I can/will forward the email chats between myself and the SFC, and civi, at HRC that I talked to.
Because it takes up the first 4 pages in ALMS making it so I have to enter a search or scroll through in order to take relevant courses.

Very minor gripe for sure, which is why I'm leaning toward ignoring it outright. Not something worthy of bugging my BN CDR, much less higher or HRC.

Maybe it will just drop off when it expires in a year or so. Who knows, I might just get bored enough to complete it.

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