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I am a TPU soldier acting as PSG for my platoon. Part of what I am trying to do is get the E-5s out of there shell and get them promoted to Staff Sergeant. Most of these Sergeants have been in longer than I have but they are not moving forward in their career. I have required them to complete 5 hours of army e-learning every month and hand in a copy of the certificate of completion of each 5 hours. What I am wondering is am I am legally allowed to impose those standards on these soldiers? I just want to cover myself before I get chewed up for it.
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am I am legally allowed to impose those standards on these soldiers?

Why not? Ask your 1SG questions like these- and also start reading regs.

But yes, there's nothing saying this is illegal. Counsel them first what the standard will be- put it in monthly counselings or quarterly or just a "hi how are you" counseling. Smiler

Then hold them to it. If you don't follow up they won't do it, then they will blow you off on other stuff. If they know you will remember and ask later, they will do what you ask.
You can't MAKE them take the courses, and you can't "punish" them (i.e. UCMJ) for not completing the courses...

However you can ensure they aren't recommended from promotion boards for not doing the courses, and you can also continue to counsel them for their lack of caring to complete the recommended classes.

When promo borad time comesa dnt ehy wonder why they arent going, or the First Seargeant asks why, say "They wont do anythign more than the bare minimum and that is documented... no way a bare minimum Joe goes to the board".
Okay. I did counsel two for not doing the courses. Basically, I just wrote down that they owe me 5 hours for last month and 5 hours for this month. I talked to my First Sergeant about it and he was reticent about it until I told him that the e-learning courses count for retirement points.

What could I say when there NCOER's come up? Can I write down that they aren't actively persuing some type of education? I don't like it when these guys stay stagnant
What I did in my last platoon, was establish the standard ( X amount of hours) per month for e-learning. Then i had them print a new ATRRS Transcript each month to verify the hours. When they failed to meet the standard they were counseled.

As far as the board goes, when the 1SG gets the C-10 rosters and its verified with the PSGs, all you have to do is tell hm no, why they aren't going, and give them the monthly counseling for non-board appearance.

As far as NCOERs, that is a whole seperate ball of wax and what you want to document. You can make a comment such as "failed to meet platoon standard for e-learnng courses" and mark Needs Improvement. That is why there is a Reviewer and Senior Reviewer to ensure fairness and accuracy.

Keep your counselings and start counseling by utilizing 2166-8-1.

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