DL for ALC

Not sure why you would have to do ALC DL if you are complete with ALC.

Have you just reclassed to 91B?

I believe the DL is for those who cannot physically attend the two week phase of BNCOC, I also thought the Army was only using DL for Phase 1 nowadays anyway.

Sounds like you are complete to me.
The Distributed Learning (I thought it was distance learning like a lot of folks) Phase I Common Core is all Army MOS encompassing, weather you can or can not physically attend. It roughly kicked off on October 2010. I can not understand why you would need DL since your Phase I CC is complete as I understand.
Originally posted by SSG JRS:
If I have a 1059 for Phase 1 and 2, do I need to complete the DL for ALC (91B)?

Not sure about now, but when I did mine for 63H (now 91H) there was a phase III for us 63/91 series. It is a DL course all done online, and it is a pain in the A** because it covers everything. This has only been about 3 years ago, so that might be what you are looking for. Good Luck


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