Do bears contracts/order supersed deployment schedule?

Hello to all the Senior NCO's who make this website possible with resource you provide. I Am currently a soldier who has two years of active duty time and year reserve, I am on active duty. I currently hold an mos of 11b and volunteered to be apart of a recon platoon when I first arrived to Ft Campbell. I thought this would be a great career move for me. Over the time that I spent here I came to the concultion I do not belong in this section. I tryed to request to leave my current section to be transferred to not so high speed section. I am more then capable of attaining a passing Pt score, kept in mind I join Scouts with 245 pt score and plan to improve since then. My PSG directly told me that I am not going anywhere do to my poor pt performance aka not to Ranger/Recon standards, that your only option is improve and stay or get chartered and I will not let you leave this platoon. My issuse is I have deployment scheduled for Aug/Sep or so, can that harm me from bears reclassing to 35p. My Brigade Retention NCO told me I would be put on rear D. I pending my new contract that should be ready in the week. My lower echelon of leadership aka team leader and squadleader are tracking that I put in the packet ie: Dlab, airborne physical, Ts clearance. Also, can my PSG keep me from leaving the platoon? Does my does bear orders supersed in coming orders since it should have been approved division before even being created?

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this was the exact answer i was also looking husband got a school date for next official notice of a deployment...only rumors saying sonething before school if there a deployment and they announce in the near future....will he go even though he has official date locked in....we are hoping for him to go sooner to school but highly unlikely...we have been waiting forever this moment...if there is an impending deployment we will be so disappointed especially if he has to go....
I'm my case I'm on my units rear det as of now and when deploy, I have attrs dates and awaiting hard copies so I can prep for clearing and pcs'ing. Some units don't like letting you go if your sqaured away but hey it's my career I have say on what I want to do with it.
Is the BEAR vs. deployment issue covered in writing? Milper Message, ALARACT, anything?

I never really looked it up, its more if your commander approved it you going to the class instead of deployment. Its up to COC, when I got my ATTRS dates I through it in my PSG face. Best believe he didn't like that I was leaving, buts its your careers you need to whats best for you and or your family.

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