Do you have the answer to my Questions? EFMP members

I am hoping that someone knows the answer to these questions. could be an Army Regulation that I may have already looked at or not; It could be a Law I am hoping that I could get answers.

1. My family is Approved by EFMP from my losing station and gaining station to remain at my home of record (losing station)for medical reasons unable to fly and cancer treatment, special care school reasons and Family care plan.

2. I have been given the run around with the exception to policy for BAH and COLA.

3. I had to PCS as a Single Soldier without my dependents on my orders.

4. Ive talked with Branch; IG; Congressmen and no one can help me.

5. I am at my new duty station with finance problems; without my family; and no answer in sight; have talked about a compassionate reassigment but that seems like trying to spot a unicorn. I have 11 years in and I was wondering if this is only happening to me?
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