Don't know if I can make it until I ETS.

I'm tired of being ran over, treated like shit.

Everytime I try to better myself I get screwed over no matter how hard or long I try.

People still treat me like shit even though I show up, give 110% at work, and force a smile on my face despite the fact.

I'm fucking tired of this bullshit. Tired of bulding myself up (288 pt score) just to have people destroy my soul by constantly fucking with me here. I cant take it anymore.

I love the army, the REAL army, I literally owe them my life. I ETS in less than a year and I have no drive in life anymore, no hope, no fucking point to life anymore.

The hospital is where confident and competent corpsman and medics go to die.
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Sounds like you are having a rough time mine. I have been in similar units.

Find someone to talk to OUTSIDE your unit. Someone you can vent to.

Consider some counseling. It might help you navigate these waters.

Just know that not everyone in the Army is a D-bag, and most of us care about what happens to you, whether we know you or not. A Soldier is a brother/sister.

Hang in there, and if you want to get out, focus on being the best Soldier you can be until ETS, and start prepping yourself for success in the civilian world now.
Just throwing this out there, but the one thing that the Army never seems to take into account is when a Soldier decides rank doesn't matter anymore, be it their own, or someone else's, thus the old saying "do what your rank can handle". With that being said, nothing will change if you do nothing about it, if you don't speak up either to your chain of command, a counselor, a battle buddy or a chaplain. You have a voice, and the power to change you situation. I always tell my Soldiers the greatest weapon you have against your enemy is to do well and prosper. Also if you present a problem to your leadership, always have a solution, otherwise it just sounds like whining.

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