Downed driver training???

I need to give a class on downed driver training or basically switching injured drivers out. I have searched through all the skill levels on this site and performed countless google searches which have produced no results.

Anyone have a link or anything on paper to go off of? I can write my class if i need to but if i can get my hands on some docs to tweak for my class that would be optimum.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
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Sorry no pub for ya, which type of vehicle are you writing it for?'

Heres some guidelines if you have to write it yourself.

If it's a HMMVV or MRAP or something similair TC will gain pos control of steering wheel and down shift if vehicle is equiped with such feature while steering in a safe direction and pull parking break when vehicle is slowed enough or in emergency sooner.

Then your drill will differentiate between direct contact, indirect contact, and no contact ( Driver had a stroke or some shit ).
Fort Leonard Wood had a class a few years ago, I'm not sure if they still have it, called Anti Terrorism Evasive Driving. I took it and they had about a half day dedicated to it. Maybe you can look up the course on google or something and they may have their info.

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