Dragon soldiers where you at!?!?!?

Proud dragon here.

The only thing I have so far is NBC NCO, so HOOH to that. I have heard go combat arms, and that is the plan.

But right now I am NBC NCO for C CO. 141st SIG BN; 1AD, Wiesbaden, Germany.

I love my job (most days), but would love to go to a chem unit, unfortunatly, that generaly means polk or korea from what I have heard.
Well Polk I dont really know about but korea I'm in korea now and I'm in a MI unit. It really sucks in my unit but whats even worst is that I had a full chemical battalion on my post and I could not leave my unit because my 1SG and SGM "needed me too much". The only thing is that they disbanded and left behind just a BIDS unit. They still need joes from what I understand. I wanted to go but I'm on orders for Bragg so me going there is out of the picture. Your best be is to talk to branch about about where you want to go. Dont they have chem units in Beerland?
most of the chem unis here are on the chopping block for transpher into guard/reserve units. From what the Division Chem Commander (COL Frankie) told me all the smoke and decon units are moving to guard and reserves within the next deployment cycle. All that will be left for us actives are either L4, L5, or NBC NCO(to include chemical staff).

That means Polk or Korea for those L4 and L5 job slots(i have neither). And since I am married I dont like the idea of Korea. Most say it is no differant than a deployment being a full year away, but I dont like the idea anyways.

As a side note, are we the only two dragons here? Sad thing. This corps needs to be dug out of its grave and brought back. Too many dragons dont care....
Here are my thoughts after seeing both sides. I was an Infantryman who got out and came back in as Chem. I grew up from E-1 to E-6 in infantry Bns then went to a Chem BN as a Platoon Sergeant. I loved being a Platoon Sergeant and soldiers are soldiers, 99% will rise to and loved to be challenged. My issues was with the lack of positive leadership and standards from senior NCOs in the Chem BN, fishy characters. When I was a BN NBC NCO and now as a BDE NBC NCO I have a chance to mentor all the company and BN NCOs, I know some of you have BN and BDE that you rarley or never see but this is why you stay in and do your BN and BDE time differently. I think as and NBC NCO it is more challenging and you learn from 1SGs and Platoon Sergeants at Company and CSMs and MSGs and Field Grades at BN and BDE. If you are successfull there you will shine in Chem units. A wise Chemo I had said the Chem Corps eats its young and he is right but you dont have to be that way, you can learn and share that knowledge. There are good leaders in the Chem Corps and what job you perfer is based on your personality. I know in ABN units the NBC NCOs if they are squared away can go far. If anyone needs help or advise feel free to message me.
I allways try too be a proud dragon troop but your right alot of dragons dont give 2 hoots. But I just keep my head up high. I want to do FOX pretty bad but then again I want too do anything but NBC NCO (unless in a combat arms unit). I want all the chem ASI's I can get FOX, BIDS TECH ESCORT. I want too thank williambellomy beacuse me beaing in an NBC ROOM my whole time in the army A soldier like me needs advice. I really would love too have an NCO like you over me. Your the type of chemical NCO I look up too. I really dont mind NBC ROOMS too much but I really dont like "POGIE" units. I really enjoyed infantry units because we did alot of highspeed traning and I went too JRTC and NTC. I got a lot of soldier skills down because of this. The way they do things is way differant and its good for a chemical PVT make there start in the army there.
Been in one chemical company in the 7 years I've been in. Was in I Corps Chem then 11th Chem. An for the last friggin 3 1/2 years I have been and NBC NCO. Right now in an infantry unit. I would so love to go back to a chemical company. As much as I love making my own hours and doing my own thing I want to lead soldiers. I would hate to make SFC before I got back and have to lead a platoon of soldiers who could run circles around me. I have been training INF guys so long I would have to dig deep to try and remeber how to lead a smoke or decon PLT.
I'm getting my stripes soon and i'm trying to get into 101st chem company in Bragg and I've never been in a chem unit before. I've been in Infantry, artillery and MI units (MI sucks). I dont know what I would do If I was givin soldiers and I really have not done chemical unit stuff sense AIT.

Thats scary!!
making your own hours? doing your own thing? I need a unit that lets me do that.

I am in a damn signal unit (worse than MI probably) and they seem to think I am supposed to do everything except NBC. Tasking me to help supply and orderly rooms. Helping maintanance section with shit as an operator. But what can I do? When you have your PSG telling you to do shit and he has tops support...

Then when I actualy get to do NBC I have top trying to micro manage the program even though he hasn't a clue how to do any of it. I know 1AD is having all the CHQDs replaced on every mask, and since a part is being replaced you need to test either the whole mask, or the parts you replaced if possibe. Since there is the water test for CHQDs I told him about, he said "then you can have it done tommorow. I want to hear that we are 100% tommororw before 1300 formation, because after 1300 I have something I need you do do."

So 0900 formation... lasts untill 0945 (no joke). then I get from 1000-1130 to replace them. 1 and a half hours to track down, fix, and test, over 100 masks. I am willing to work through lunch, but once 1130 hits peopel pop smoke and are gone. He doesn't understad that that is un-reasonable, and he is talking shit that if its not done my NCO will council me on a failed mission. Come on people.

Do your own thing, and set your own schedule. I wish.

I am going through the same thing as you. The only thing you can do is comfront them in a tactful manner and PCS!! I am the NBC NCO, Arms room NCO (the only one in the arms room), commo, hazmat NCO, R&U and I am in charge of 6 soldiers. I also have 8 ADO's. I am only a SPC but I am at a SSG level but, I get treated like a SPC! It sucks. I fully understand you. I'm PCS'ing to Bragg and I pray it all changes when I get too a chem unit. Hang in there Dragon because the rest of the army is not like that.

PCS PCS PCS!!!! Big Grin
Wow, I have never had the problems you have. I guess I have been lucky. I am the unit movment NCO and the NBC NCO. We are leaving for Iraq so I do tend to get really busy latley with all the movement stuff. But as long as my work is finished (to my standard) I pop smoke. I get my stuff done, get excellent NCOERs, take care of the 1 soldier I have and everywhere I have been they take care of me. I am in an Infantry unit right now and they know jack squat about NBC so I basicly get to tell them what is up. Top can be frustrating but I have proven myself to be a good NCO so he lets me be. Now if I ever mess up I am sure life will be hell but I don't make mistakes (that they know of at least). I feel for you. Drive on and let it be. You can only learn from what you have seen. And other good stuff like that. Keep up the faith brother. Chem out.
Wats up everyone i know im kinda late replyin but im in ft riley ks it sucks they say make th ebest of where you at but it really sucks i like being in a chemical unit though. Were smoke so its fun blowin smoke. Yall make nbc nco sound like a crappy job but ive heard good about it from my battles but any wya i really want to go to germany and get out of this place.
Hey all,
74D2O here, soon to be 3 level. I started out in the Indiana National Guard in 1998. I was in a chemical Platoon in the HHC of a Seperate Infantry Brigade. All we did on drill weekends was train, train and more training. We did sticks lanes 4 or 5 times a year. It was fun, learned a lot of the decone/smoke aspect of the MOS. I went on active duty in 2002. I came to an MI unit as a NBC NCO. We had a pretty good BN NBC NCO and we trained up the unit on the operational decon aspect, some detection and a little recon stuff in the year we were both there. We deployed to Iraq in '03 and we did some major training for pretection then. Tha was about the last time our unit did any NBC Training. It hasd been pushed off for other, more important traing. The E-7 has PCSed long ago, and i have tried to do some training, just never have ther time. After out year ion iraq, a year later we were in Afghanistan. We had to do training anf certifications for that deployment, but no NBC stuff, other than issue the I.C.E. packs.
I am also the Orderly Room, Retention, UPL, and R&U NCO for the company. You will find that if you goto a unit as a NBC NCO, more often than not, you will have additional duties other than runnung the NBC Room. I love Chem, bu8t hardly get to do it, the saying is NBC, No Body Cares. You have to push your commander to train on the NBC Tasks, don't let them blow it off, bring it up every trsaining meeting, eventually you can get a day to train your teams.
I am hoping to get into SPEC Ops or Tech Escort next, whole different side of the military. We will see soon.

All you Dragon Soldiers, keep your heads up.
I have recently re-enlisted into 74D after a 6 yr break. I have a growing concern over this decision everyday, and am thinking about trying to get out of it.

I have heard not one good thing about Chem. other than "Chem units are cool, and Recon rocks, but noone ever gets those anymore".

Clearly I'm distressed about this. I used to be the red headed step child in my other units and I know what happens when noone thinks what you do is worth a dam, you do everything else, mostly crap.

Is there anyway to try and get L4, or L5 in my contract? Or maybe I need to push for Airborne? I don't know. I have been NBC team leader for years, and frankly I'm good at the job, but I don't wanna be a supply clerk with a different MOS#.

Maybe I should just go 11X and let them do what they want with me from the start, looks like that's what I'm headed for anyway. At least infantry knows their grunts.

:Losing hold of my Army values:
hello all,
I am a 74D3P in korea. reading all these post i can see how hard everyone has it as a company level NBC NCO. I been there trust me i know it sux. I have been in the NBC Staff world all my army career. spent 6 years on bragg and 2 years here in Korea. I know what you guys are going through. I have been in units (Spec Ops, Medical, Infantry, Artilery, and Engineer) where i am the company b**ch and been in companies where i was treated like the subject matter expert i am. As far as training its all how you sell it. If you go there and say we need to do NBC training its not going to happen. go there and say such and such reg says we have to do this training and here is a plan of how to accomplish it with very little time off the training calendar. I am now a BN NBC NCO and i push my company NBC NCOs hard but teach them how to survive in the NBC Staff world. Those of you who feel lost or need some help hit me up.... keep your heads up and good things will happen eventually..... as for now this dragon soldier out.
Alright. If you are talking L4 and L5 you have your head at the right place. However, these two ASI's are almost obsolete as they are now training L6 which is a combination of the two on the same vehicle. See if you can get in in your contract. Last I heard, unless you had it in your contract soldiers that were reenlisting or going through a reclass had no chance of getting either of these schools. As for my experiences in the chemical corps. I have loved it. I am in a chemical company in Alaska, and it has so far been a great experience. Best of luck.
Well, I am finally a CBRN NCO! I have been hearing great things about this job, but after a month of it, i cannot stand it!!! I have worked in a chemical company and deployed with an nbc recon platoon. I would trade this job as long as i can go back to RECON! I re-enlisted for this and it landed me here in Korea with an MI unit. Though i make my own hours, but this desk job ain't for me. I rather go back to a line unit/platoon. So far (after getting here last month) i have become the CBRN NCO, SUPPLY SGT, R and U, Barracks NCO, Sponsor (for soldiers not working with me), Maintenance SGT in the Co., HazMat, and Driver for everything else! Thank GOD i haven't done Orderly Room yet (OPS)! Well, i just hope i didn't jinx myself! ANyone else enjoyin their time being the BDE/BN/CO "Hey You...guy?!?!?"
HELLO TO ALL MY FELLOW DRAGON SODLIERS!!!!! Wow, I can't believe Im not the only one who hates the desk job part of this MOS. But on the real, Im a true 74D10, and I just left Korea after 2 yrs. in 2ID as a SIG BN company NBC/CBRN NCO straight outta basic/ait PVT. I enjoyed my job as far as giving training, because as we all know, we can mess with ALL RANKS as much as we want to do whatever we say in a CS Chamber, and so on;P However, the paper pushing part, I hated it right along with inspections.
The good thing about the unit I was with, was I had an opportunity to work with the Korean soldiers and train my unit during sergeants time training, not as much as I'd like to but at least I got some time in there. I helped also to train my Chemical Korean Soldier well enough in his job, to earn him an ARCOM, something Korean Soldiers do not really see much of at all.
Something I did see on this site is we tend to each see a Signal Company/Battalion as well as many others. I can't wait to further my carrer and reading some of what has been written gives me an idea(as far as regs. when I cant get a unit to do training)of how to better myself for the future of Dragon Soldiers and how to be certain "We Rule the Battle Through the Elements" I wish the best to all soldiers wherever you may be located...
74D2P here at bragg, 82nd ABN DIV, 2BCT. I'm in a medical unit. It's not bad, but it's pretty much the same everywhere as a company level NBC NCO.

You do the time, get your company b***h stuff out of the way, and it gets better after that.

I've been in 3 years, got my 5 at 2.5 years, so 74D has it's strengths, in that you have places to shine, ways to be seen by higher.. so you have good promotion potential if you work for it.

overall, i'm happy with my choice of MOS. Only problem now is I'm working in an e4 slot, so if i were to stay in, I'd need to find a new place to work! but I'm happy with my company, they treat me well...
whats up my fellow dragon soldiers. it is awesome to see a forum dedicated just to those that are forgot about. i feel the pain of all you nbcnco's out there. it sucks to be the jack of many trades. i mean at times it has its upside due to learning other mos' out there, but when you are a chemical guy in an infantry company deep in iraq it is hell too. i cant wait to see what life is like in a chemical company i bet it is an awesome world to be with your own people. it is so crazy to see the transformation of the chemical corp just over the past 6yrs that i have been a dragon soldier. to see them slowly taking away our smoke section hurts, but the needs of the army always win. if anyone is about to become an nbcnco hit me up i will give you a lot of pointers more so if you are about to be an infantry line company nbcnco its a different world trust me. ELEMENTIS REGAMUS PROELIUM LEAD ON DRAGON SOLDIERS HOOAH FROM IRAQ
Originally posted by 4-STAR_CHEMICAL:
Well Polk I dont really know about but korea I'm in korea now and I'm in a MI unit. It really sucks in my unit but whats even worst is that I had a full chemical battalion on my post and I could not leave my unit because my 1SG and SGM "needed me too much". The only thing is that they disbanded and left behind just a BIDS unit. They still need joes from what I understand. I wanted to go but I'm on orders for Bragg so me going there is out of the picture. Your best be is to talk to branch about about where you want to go. Dont they have chem units in Beerland?

You wouldnt happen to be on Camp Carroll would ya? I was with 23d Chem BN till they left and made us BIDS guys stay. Then they moved my company up to Camp Hovey/Casey attached to 4th Chem.
I'm a newly "appointed" CBRN NCO for an artillery unit in Korea and I'm not looking forward to it. If anyone's still around, I'd be encouraged to hear some good things about this MOS because it looks like I might end up re-classing into it at the end of this "short" tour on the other side of the world.
I see that there are a bunch of old posts. I am going to throw my two cents out there. I have been in this MOS since 1988. I stayed in this MOS because it allows me the flexibility to go to different units and learn new things. I started out in the 366th Chemical Company as a smoke generator operator. This was a Reserve Unit in Augusta, GA but now they are at Ft Stewart, my home base. I went active in 1989 and landed in the 21st Chemical Company before they lost the right to jump. I was jumping out of airplanes and learning infantry tasks while in a Chem Co. I had some great leaders that were not affraid to think outside the box. In 1991 I moved over to C Co 1/325 AIR. My PSG in the Chem Co told me to learn everything that they know so that I would become more valuable than an infantryman. So I followed his advice and did everything they did plus learn how to fire a 60mm mortar from the base and hip. When I PCS'd to Germany I landed in B Co 2/15 INF which later changed to B Co 1/26 INF. the five years that I spent outside of a Chem Co I was never treated like/as the Company B***h. I used the subtle approach and slid my NBC training in where they schedule had some blank spots and I was able to meet all of my annual and semi annual requirements. Most of my training was done in garrison but it did not mtter to me because i was able to accomplish my mission. I have been in nothing but Chem Units since 1996 when I returned from Germany to Ft Bragg. Make and keep yourself smart on CBRN tasks and if you have a Chem Co near you, I advise anyone to go down and train with them also. Do not allow your unit to lock you in the building. Get out and train with the line platoons of what ever unit your in. Many times I pulled security for the 11C's but I did not mind it because it kept me from being the 1SG's gopher in the field. I was able to play an active role at live fire ranges and i helped to kick in many doors when the line platoons were training. I had an active part in Airfield Siezure Missions and busted my butt on more than one runway. When I was with the light infantry on Ft Bragg I had the chance to switch over to infantry and get a team leader job in the unit but I could not picture myself spending 20yrs on Ft Bragg because there are only a few places an airborne infantryman can go. So I stayed Chemical and I am happy with my decisions. The people who have a difficult time outside of a Chem Co are the ones that try and fight the system in which they will lose. You must adjust your way of thinking and become smarter than the people that you are dealing with. Look for those little niblets of time where you can slide in a quick train-the-trainer class. I did not mean to babble but I hope that this will help someone.

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