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I am currently a 92A who is trying to reclass to 74D.While I was in the AF I was a 3E9(Disaster Prep). When I joined the Army guard my MOS transferred over to 54B10.

When I dropped the 368 to become active. I recived training as a 92A but they put 74D on my ERB and paper work as my secondary MOS.

While on deployment I chose to reenlist for a few more years. And recived a bonus for chosing to stay stabilized. But I also wanted to go back to doing NBC and so As part of my re-enlistment my great leaders I have wrote a memo up allowing me to fill the 74D slot on the MTOE. So I am now the NBC SPC.So Im the only one in the section.I work in the HQ supply squad I guess me and the armorer and supply.

So the problems I have are:
1.Is there a site to let me know how I should set up my room and equipment.
2.Is there any cheat books to being a good chemical NSO/SPC.
3.Any words of advice for taking over the chem room.
4.And what do they do at the 2 week course that every post has?
5.I am promotable so which MOS am I promoted in or when? 92A is my PMOS 74D IS MY SMOS. I am in the slot now.
6.Are there any requirement for a company sized HQ platoon with positions. Becuase I don't want to end up being another supply clerk without getting the 92Y promotion points.
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I would put in a 4187 to have my SMOS changed to my PMOS. Because if your looking to make your 6 you have a way better chance to make it as a 74D than an Alpha. I would try to find someone else that has an NBC room of find out whoever your inspector is and have them lay out there standards.
3 1/2 years in a CBRN room and had to start from scratch. There is no "set" way that the army says your CBRN room has to be set up. However, your BN, BDE, etc may have a certian way they want it set up. Of course you can't have your ICAM's & M22's stored with your VDR-2's and UDR-13's. The two week course well up at FT. Drum anyway, is more or less just a refresher that covers every piece of equipment that you have. Another tip for setting up your room is try to find if your DIV. has an inspection checklist. Command Inspection Program (CIP) is what some places have. They have a section to grade a CBRN room. Use it to set up your room. Any other help I can give a fellow dragon, I will.
Actually today I got the inspection sheet. I haven't had time to actually do any of the NBC things besides sign for the equipment. And rookie mistake. All of the chemical/radiacs are stored together I haven't actually had time to set anything up. It seems I spend most of my time helping supply.

Im on the other side of the supply room and the NCOIC always calls me to do supply stuff.
The storage of the M22's with the Radiac sets are a big no no That should be the first thing you do is seperate those. Make sure that all of your items are behind double locks. Not only for your @$$ but when physical security (or your S-2) comes around, your CO will probably get hit hard for it. Any thing else to help you out, let me know.
Let your NCO, 1SG and Cdr know about the requirement to store these things separately. Be sure you have the SOP, AR, FM, TM or whatever documentation states this in hand to show them, so you arent just talking out of your ass. Explain this and that you need more room to store the items. If they aren't responsive, you've notified them and when they get hit on OSHA, CIP or any other inspection, you are off the hook.
The Nuclear Regulatory Commision is a big thing as well and when it comes to storing the radioactive things, your CDR can get a big fine. This is a link to one of the forms you have to have for your CBRN room. It is from the NRC website http://www.nrc.gov/reading-rm/doc-collections/forms/form3_us.pdf Also Look in the back of you tm for you M22 ACADA. I think appendix H. It gives you the NRC requirements and the reprocutions (sp) if thier rules are not followed. And about all of you being in the same office, who has the keys? Do you have any masks laying around? If you are signed for the stuff you should be the only one with access to the stuff. Any other help that I can give I will

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