Drill Sergeant School Info Update 2014

I see a lot of questions for DSS and I thought I would share my knowledge on the school. Currently I am going into week 2 so I will give as much info as I can for the new people coming here.

When you arrive at the airport you have to provide transportation to Fort Jackson. Either by splitting a cab or paying for it yourself. When you arrive at the gate the gate guard tells you how to get to drill sergeant barracks and you report to the duty staff there. They issue you linen (bringing your own is allowed) if you dont have any and your directed to your room. Once you get to your room they have you inventory the room and you sign for everything. If you get here early enough you have the rest of the day off and you don't really do anything I got in at midnight and formation was at 0400 the next morning I went to bed about 0130 so I got about two and half hours asleep.

Day one:
First formation is at 04 and it's in full winter PT's this includes longsleeve PT shirt gloves and outer shells so if you don't have the shells for your gloves you have to get them. If you don't have them and you get here you will be singled out and yelled at. After the first formation they march you over to the next building and they do a height and weight test on you. While they do this all the drill sergeants are walking up and down
And finding any deficiencies they can to Yell at you for. If you have logos on your socks but are on the feet or hidden when you wear your shoes you will get yelled that. Just make sure the socks are all white or only colored on the toes and heels.

A lot of the candidates here had short sleeves and they got yelled at by the Sgt. major for not having long sleeves. Haircuts also should be tapered and pretty much be skin on the back of the head and tapered to the top. They saw my haircut and immediately yelled at me because it was not a tapered. Also no sideburns what so ever. They will give u hell about them. Mine were in regs but I still got singled out and yelled at by the SGM.

After height and weight you go back to barracks and get an ACUs and report back and just start the day. The day is just a bunch of in processing and different briefings and you get to meet your drill sergeant leaders. During chow the drill Sgts will start asking you for the drill sergeant Creed and the soldiers creed and the first three modules. If you dont want RBIs learn them before you get here or they will give you RBIs. If you don't know or stumble through it They will make you recite it over and over until you get it even if it's in the middle of the chow hall while you're trying to get eggs.

Day two.
APFT in the morning. You have to get 60 in each event to get accepted into the class. Today we had 4 APFT failures and they were sent home immediately. 3 were for push ups and one was for sit ups. If everyone does push-ups for quality over quantity and leave their ego you can easily pass. I just made sure to touch my chest to he ground and pause for a split second at the top. I did 55 and was fine.

Day 3
We did Warrior tower for half the day and had Saturday and Sunday off completely.

Day 5-9 was just class room stuff and on day 7 you pitch the first three modules which are really easy if you studied.

(NOTE: This is my experience from 4th platoon, not from other platoons. If you get here and your in a different platoon it may be different)

Some other random questions I saw.
ASUs, you can either stuff them in your duffel bag or bring them in a garment bag. You will have plenty of time to go to the cleaners.

Going to the GYM. You wont have much time to go because you want to be studying. You can use supplements but if it effects your PRT they will make it an issue.

You can use your hands when describing the modules

Dont bring old ACUs. Faded or white ACUs will get you unwanted attention.

There is no wifi in the barrakcs...yeah i know it sucks, bring a hard drive or hot spot.

Bring Civilian clothes. You can wear them after hours.

Gloves. Old school gloves that have inserts and shells. Dont bring your super high speed gloves unless they are all black.

Only bring issued eye pro. Oakleys are not allowed unless they are issued.

Any other questions just ask and i will try my best to answer.

SSG Ramirez
Original Post
I have a question about remembering the modules. I was reading a old post from back in 2012 about the Postion of attention module. Is it true that you are not supposed to say the line that states " The Position of attention is the Key position for all stationary, facing and marching movements"??? Someone said that if you said that line its a automatic NO/GO is that true? I dont report until June but I rememebered it already just need to no before I get a surprise.
SSG Ramirez,

I would like to thank you for posting this update. It's not easy finding current information on the school. I am set to go in September so I should have more than enough time to have the prerequisites in order. I have a few questions right now, if you don't mind: You mentioned a few things that would draw unwanted attention and that's very helpful. I have heard from DS in my reserve unit that Reservist are not looked upon too fondly and thus may be more difficult. Is there any truth to this? Other than having all issued gear and civilian cloths, would you recommend any other items be brought? I was informed that the first part of the modules and the notes should be verbatim, the second part has to include all the points but does not have to be verbatim. Of course, I plan to learn them before going, but it would be helpful to know what to focus on. Thank you again for the information.

I am locked in to report to DSS on July 23rd, I am looking for some advice on whether or not to drive from ft polk or just store my POV and fly there? Do you really even get a chance to use your POV while at DSS? Next question is the HT/WT requirements, im not gonna lie I got a awkward body shape (small neck and wide hips), but I am well under screening WT, do you get taped even if you make screening WT?
Bring your POV! You will have plenty of time to drive to places you need to like clothing and sales, px, and off post on the weekends. Everyone just needs to relax, learn your top 3 modules before you go (position of attention, hand salute, rest positions while at the halt), a step by step and by the numbers and you will be good to go. everything else is just plug and play after you learn those. Learn the PICA acronym for pitching and you will have no worries. You have to have 70pts in EACh event to graduate, but 60 points in each to get in. Get right on your PT and you will have no problems at all. Seriously, I wish I could go back. Its easy compared to actual Drill Sergeant duty. i had tons of fun there with new friends, drinking out in columbia, and just relaxing. Dont sweat it and have fun!

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