Drill Sergeant School Questions, Report in 2 weeks

I report to DSS in two weeks and I have a few questions to anyone who recently graduated or are still at the school:

ASU transportation- Should I fold them neatly in luggage or should i just get them cleaned and pressed once I get there?

GYM- I go to the gym 5 days a week at Fort Lewis, will there be at least a few days a week to hit the gym at Fort Jackson and does the school have any issues with using workout supplements?

Modules- Do you pitch them at any particular position (i.e. at ease, parade rest, rest) or can you move/use hands when describing the modules for grading?

ACU's- I just purchased some new ACU's. I have lots of old ones that are serviceable but slightly faded. Should I bring good ACU's or the one I have since we get issued new ones anyways?

WIFI- Im bringing my laptop and CAC reader..is there any sort of WIFI available at or near the DSS complex?

Civilian clothes- Should i bring just a set or two?

Coffee/Caffeine- To help stay awake/pay attention in class do they allow coffee/energy drinks?

Rappel gloves- They provide or should i bring my own?

Shaded eye pro- authorized or no?

I have more questions just can't think of them right now. I know some of these are not important or irrelevant to the course but I was just wondering if anyone could answer.

SSG Ward
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