I have an odd situation on my hands today. A bit of background info, I am stationed at Carson and my wife has left for BCT three days ago and is at Jackson. We have no other dependents. I know that she isn't entitled to BAH while in IET, and I know that I myself am barely entitled to BAH anymore (the only thing that is saving me is a lease, some high speed leadership that seems to favor me, and the fact that a set of orders hasn't been drafted yet to legally put me back in the barracks due to technically being a "geographical bachelor"), yadda yadda. Anyways, I was talking to one of the civilian financial specialists at Finance today while I was changing my BAH to without dependents, he said something that seemed a bit odd.

He told me that when she gets back she will have to file BAH paperwork (no big deal) but that even if joint domicile is approved, that she will have to file for the same exception to policy that I am filing for, otherwise the both of us will lose our BAH and the both of us will be forced back into the barracks, regardless of the fact that we have no dependents, are stationed together, have joint domicile, enrolled in MACP, et cetera. Is this true? It seems way too far from the truth for it to be possible. He also stated that every time we PCS, we will have to file for the same exceptions to policy even if we're under the same conditions because we have no dependents (ie, in the barracks even with JD and MACP approved).

Can anybody confirm this for me? I'd rather not have to worry about being thrown in the barracks while married just because the both of us are E-5 and below and don't have any kids.
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Can they put you in the barracks as both E-5 and below, married with no dependents... simple answer is yes, but rarely is it ever done if you are both stationed together. (seen an E-5 married to E-4 both in barracks, seperate rooms)

Do you have any guarantee she will be stationed at Carson with you?

BAH paperwork is completed everytime you get to a new duty station, even for single soldiers.
I'm confused. You're married, right?

The way I see it, she is gone temporarily. You should stay in "married" housing no matter where she is. She is now entitled for the Army to pay her housing TOO.

So no, she won't get BAH for being at training, but you DO still.

What that "person" at finance told you just seems totally wack to me, I wouldn't listen to it at all. You carry on like you always have, you are MARRIED whether you have kids or not.

IF your wife is active duty and stationed at the same place as you you'll both pull BAH (maybe neither with dependents until you have kids?)
Agree with what Auto said...

Normally, if two Soldiers are married , it would be the one of higher rank who receives BAH at the "with dependent" rate and the lower at the "without dependents' rate.

If they put you in the barracks there are lot of other issues that can come up. Essentially, barracks are for single soldiers (mostly), E5 and below. However, there are some cases where a married soldier can be placed in the barracks: restriction, domestic issues at home, etc etc.

I'd definitely speak with your S1 and see what the local command policy is.
There is nothing in the regulations that says they have to give you both full BAH, just that the Government must provide "quarters" or the full BAH. This is one of those grey areas were some A-Hole could force you both into the barracks, but someone with common sense (or a local and/or housing SOP) would sort it out if they tried I am sure.

AutobahnSHO is correct, they should leave your housing situation alone until after she finishes her training. If she comes to your duty station, just some minor tweaks but everything will basically be the same. If she gets orders somewhere else, then they could consider drastically changing your housing situation.

68Rvet- with dependent rate does not apply to members with no dependents, and active duty service members can not be considered dependents. Both should get without per JFTR (see TheWiseChief's link).

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