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My husband is in the Army, and we've been marry for about a year, and i'm thinking about Joining as well.
Can anyone tell me if we are going to be able to get the same duty station? How do dual military couples work? He will be deployed when i go through Basic and AIT, where would they send me afterwards since he still be in Irak? I would appreciate any info!

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If you want to know how military couples are/will be treated in the Army, look up the regulations governing dual military couples. The information is available on line, and probably on this web site.

The best source of information is your own military Wife network. Ask around. Talk to the spouses at your FRG. Ask if they know any dual military spouses who would be willing to answer questions.

Those are your best resources.
My husband and I are going on 5 years of being dual military. You need to make sure that you tell your recruiter that you will be a dual military couple, and where your husband is already assigned. To make sure that you two are stationed together, you need to do a 4187 (through both his command and yours) to be entered in the Married Army Couples Program. Your husband may be able to do this thorugh his S-1 as soon as you sign your contract and leave for BCT but I'm not totally sure about that. You also need to apply for joint domicile through your unit S-1's. I'm not sure if it's a 4187 as well or not. These two programs ensure that you and your husband are not stationed more than 50 mi apart (in MOST cases). These things should be done as soon as you arrive to your first unit (if they cannot be done before. Ask your recruiter whether ot not they can be.) At MEPS, and before, with your recruiter, you should ask for a pin-point assignment to your husband's post. Good luck!

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