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I have basic May 4th and was told you still list 3 duty stations at reception which you may or may not get. I am interested in deploying frequently so I'm curious as to which places are deployed a lot and am trying to avoid the ones you're stuck with even if you request to be deployed. I'm going into the aviation branch so I'm not sure if that has any effect on the stations or deployments. 15W, UAV operator if that makes a difference. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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you will pretty much go where ever the army needs you...the career counselors have an adhoc type of set up and match the assignment's up with the first avalible/qualified soldier. checking the ASK or preference sheet is like the 4th option lol...

1.is the assignment a lifecycle unit or deploying soon. these assignment's will always be filled first.

2.avalible slot for your paygrade and any required additional skill.

3.date you will be avalible to go to the assignment.

4.and then preference...i'd almost always venture to say depending on your MOS coming out of AIT you will likely go to a soon to be deployed or already deployed unit unless they are filled in which case you will go to one that is either returning from deploying. on average.
I have only seen one UAV unit while I was deployed to Iraq (COB Speicher) and it was an MI unit. It seems like a pretty good job. No maintenance stands, no aircraft tow bars, no cranes to do maintenance, etc.

I don't know if UAVs are staying MI or will be entirely AV, or possibly shared between the two. I have noticed that a lot of "regular" units are getting UAV sections.

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