Dwell time after non-command sponsored korea tour?

I recently pcsed from area 1 in korea back to the US. I was married in korea and never applied for or received command sponsorship. I also flew my spouse and child to the states on my own dime and received only unaccompanied HHG shipment.
I cannot find any info on the definition of accompanied/unaccompanied tour in korea.
I'm trying to figure out if I will receive dwell time starting from the date i left korea or if i do not fall into that category since my family was technically there but the army didn't recognize them as being there.
Is area 1 even considered a dependant restricted tour still? I don't recall whether it was or not but i know soldiers applying for CP had to sign waivers because not all services are available there.
Thanks for your help.
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Originally posted by Ta An Casur:
you dont get dwell time for korea. only combat tours. i did a 12 month non com tour to korea, and deployed 2 weeks after reporting to my new station. you just wont go on another hardship tour for a while.

Defenition of "Dwell Time" according to AR 614-200 page 115:

Dwell time
The time a Soldier spends at home station between combat deployments, operational deployment (noncombat), or
dependent restricted tour . The addition of these service types does not change the long and short tour policies in any

Non-Command Sponsored tours regardless of area in Korea are dependent restricted tours.

Dwell time is to reset to zero upon arrival to Korea on a dependent restricted tour.
Originally posted by sgttrunk:
My son just got back from Camp Humphreys South Korea on Halloween after being deployed for a year. He is home for a week and then has orders to go to Fort Leavenworth. I am curious as to how much dwell time, if any , he accrued in the past year?

One year in Korea (unaccompanied) will give him 6 months of Dwell time.

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