Hi, I am thinking about joining the army and going in as a medical laboratory specialist. I would enlist as an E4 because I have a Bachelors Degree, but am interested in pursuing CID. To get into CID you can't rank above E5. So my question is how long would it take to go from an E4 to E5 (the medical laboratory specialist is a 6 year enlistment), would I surpass the E5 within 6 years?

Also any comments about CID would be appreciated.
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We'll i believe it takes between 4mo to 8 months time in grade and 18 months to 3 years time in service (from date of enlistment) as a E-4 to qualify for E-5. then there is 4 to 10 months time in grade and between 4 to 7 years time in service (from date of enlistment)to qualify for E-6 so it would be close so honestly it would depend on the need in your MOS for e-6's.
Greywolff, Maddox is not a soldier yet. So he might not understand all the TIS/TIG talk.


One can make the rank of E5 18-20 months after they join, as a specialist. (that is the fastest/quickest)

Also, you CAN make E6 (surpass E5) before 6 yrs yes. You can actually make E6 in 4 yrs. However if you did NOT want to make E6, it's not like you will promoted. If you are happy with E5, and DONT WANT E6...then you WONT make E6...you dont have to worry about that.
I think we may be missing the point here. Besides the correct information regarding promotions to SGT and SSG, this future Soldier is interested in joining CID, but may think that they have to serve 5 years as a medical laboratory specialist. This is FALSE. There may be 6-year commitment to initially acquire the MOS, but you can reclassify sooner.

Promotion Information
AR 600-8-19, Chapter 3, Table 3-3 states:

Time requirement for board appearance as of the first day of the board month.
SSG: 82 months TIS and 8 months TIMIG
SGT: 34 months TIS and 6 months TIMIG

With waiver(s):
46 months TIS and 5 months TIMIG for those who have been recommended to compete in the secondary zone.
16 months TIS and 4 months TIMIG for those who have been recommended to compete in the secondary zone.

TIS = time-in-service
TIMIG = time-in-grade

Reclassification Information
AR 614-200, Chapter 3, paragraph 3-18h:
Soldiers may request consideration for reclassification into MOS 21D, 35S, 31D, 21P, 89D, 91W, and 91V, regardless of their PMOS, if otherwise fully eligible.

You may have to spend 24-months in your medical laboratory specialist MOS, but after that you cannot request reclassification and if you meet the requirements and pass an initial screening by a CID Agent, you should have NO problem reclassifying within your first 3-years in service.

CID Requirements
So after 24 months as a medical laboratory specialist I can reclassify to MOS 31D (assuming I meet CID requirements)?

Does anyone know about CID Forensic Laboratory? I was told only CID Warrant Officers could work in the criminal investigation lab.
The service remaining requirement (SRR) for active Army soldiers upon completion of this course is 36 months.

This is because the course itself is 12-months in duration. So, after your graduate and serve 36-months as a MEDICAL LABORATORY SPECIALIST you can put a packet in for CID. At that time is may still be on the BEAR Program and you can get a bonus for choosing CID.
Originally posted by Milpopo552:
Not sure if anyone said this yet but you have to be an MP first (31B)

Not so, my friend.
Originally posted by Milpopo552:
Not sure if anyone said this yet but you have to be an MP first (31B)

Really? What reference can you provide for this? Confused

While you're looking for your reference, please don't confuse our young future Soldiers with what you think unless you add that in your statement.
You know what. I always thought that you had to be in the feeder MOS of 31B to get this job to. I thought that you had to be in the Feeder MOS just like to do my 92A tech job you have to be a 92A then get accepted to warrant. This info is invaluable. I need to do more research I may be able to do some different things with my young career well middle of the road career.

AR to my rescue again.

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