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I am in a small detachment with 20 personnel. I have been a SPC for 2 years now and I am ready to take that next step(I know it took me awile) I'm about to go to a mock board on the 25 of December(deployed) and my 1SG(E7 Type)makes it seem that a board is the worst thing in the world known to man. At first I felt very confident but now I'm very nervous about this whole thing. Is the board really that horrible to Soldiers
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The board process is just a standard way to see what you know. Its great that they are doing a mock board for you .. some units dont. At the mock board just do your best, listen to what they say you need to improve on and learn from the experience .. get better and prepare for the real thing. Review the board prep guide on the navagation menu ... It will give you some more info on the process. Good Luck
No its not bad at all. Just some questions. I am sure you will be fine. Just study as much as you can. Just treat the Mock board like it is the real thing. Me personally what I have always done is put the questions and answers on 3x5 index cards. Or download the audio version of the study guide. Have one of your battle buddies ask you the questions. Do what works for you as far as memorizing the regulations. I related them to birthdays and stuff like that. Good luck.
Trust me I have been studying like crazy. I look up alot of websites to see if I can get a little more information and I really want to be one of those leaders that my Soldiers will talk about years after I retire. When I get asked questions I always stop and think and sometimes I go blank, is there any advice I can receive about how to calm my nerves and just relax during this process??
Okay so I go into this Mock Board yesterday thinking, "I got this" boy was I wrong!!!I went all the way down to the last paragraph of the NCO creed and starting messing up. I answered most questions correct but I was not confident at all. I heard myself sounding like crap but could do nothing to rectify myself. Horrible experience. I am so happy it was a mock board because I would had made a fool out of myself. I need help big time or I see myself I SPC for the next five yrs(recently re-enlisted).
When I went to the board I worked with the majority of the board members on a daily basis so they told me that as long as I could reference where to find the information if I didn't know the answer that is good as well and that the main thing they are looking for is the demeanor. If you come across as confident and don't get rattled or lose your bearing when you make a mistake then you will be fine. Just remember they are making sure that you can keep your cool under pressure, which as an NCO you might find yourself in that situation and they don't want someone that will freeze up on them.
You know Morales26 you have the right outlook most Soldiers now a days dont care, they just dont. They think the board is stupid and blow it off and then cry when I tell them there not going to the board becuase they brought in ate up Class A's and dont even know the 1st Paragraph of the creed. Its the little things that count the most showing that you want to be an NCO who is going to use their experience to help other Soldiers. I see to many times in this forum SGT's asking advice on what should be standard not to say they shoudlnt ask but just that they have to shows their 1st line SGT failed them! its depressing as we continue on this path with Automatic promotion to Sergeant and some even pinning Staff, But your outlook Morales shows that all has not gone to waste and I commend you on having the right attitude about the way the Army works and im sure you will pass that on to your Soldiers.
I need help I am a CPL who went to the board. I was given a go but due to my paperwork being messed up they won't give me my p status. I have my board packet documenting I'm a go but no one seems to care. They say I have to go to the board again. I keep asking questions and getting pointed in a different direction. No one seems to want to get involved. Is it better that I just keep my mouth shut and go to the board again or use my open door policy fix the injustice that my battle and me have received?

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