E7 Living on/off post in Area I, Korea? BAH for joint custody?

Can anyone provide information regarding what will happen to my BAH when I arrive in Korea, area I (Casey/Red Cloud)? I am single but have joint custody of my son and came down on orders for Korea. I cannot get a straight answer regarding what will happen to my BAH and, will I have the option to reside off post. I am getting mixed signals as some sites say E7s live off post, others say they don’t, etc. Furthermore, I will take a major hit on pay if I lose BAH or OHA only covers residence in Korea. So what will happen to this? I own a house in GA and obviously cannot just abandon my things or house. Any info would be appreciated.
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Have you had your levy brief yet? The finance portion of the brief will provide all the details and answer all of your questions.

In addition you should be getting a sponsor and you can communicate with him/her on the issue.

You will also get COLA too. If you live off-post, that should be an extra 600 dollars.

I will be going to area 4 and already have rented my house and that is paying the mortgage.


I can't tell you for sure that this is how it will work but this is the best of my understanding. E7 and above unaccompanied will be assigned Senior Living Quarters (SLQ) which is controlled by housing. If the occupancy of the installation's SLQs is too high (something like 95% or so) then the SM will be given the opportunity to find a place off post and be authorized OHA.

Now for the BAH I will start out saying this: make sure you have all of your paperwork and if possible get your losing S1 to submit all supporting documents to your OMPF via Iperms (Birth Certificate, Marriage Certificate, Lease Agreement, etc, the more the better!!!). But as I understand it you should be authorized continuing BAH for where your dependents are as well as the unaccompanied rate OHA for housing IF you live off post.

Korea is really, really bad lately when it comes to finance paperwork so make sure you keep plenty of copies of everything. I recommend you make a 1 inch binder of all finance documents for in processing, it's almost a guarantee that they will screw it up in processing. Do DA 200s for everything you turn in if you have to as well, hold people accountable. I seriously think that the American soldiers just let the Katusas do everything in finance and what does a Katusa know about your situation with dependents back in the states as well as the possibility of living off post here. Good luck!

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