earlier PCS flight?

I'm currently stationed in Korea and my deros is 4/13 and my wedding date is on 4/17. I'm wondering if there's 1. any way to get a commercial flight back, so there's no chance I'm booted from the flight? 2. is there a way I can leave maybe two or three days earlier than my deros? 3. how do I start said process?

any help will be greatly appreciated.
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1. Each time I left Korea, it was on a civilian flight so you should get that automatically.

2. It's a little early, but I would talk to your Squad Leader/Platoon Sergeant about it ... though it really rests on your Command.

3. See answer 2.

This is the best I can give you with the little information you have provided ... yes, there is a chance, but I cannot tell you how great or small that chance is, as I said it all rest on Command.
If you are here unaccompanied you will fly on the Patriot Express. No longer is commercial air utilized without there being a good reason why you need a flight out of Incheon. The Patriot Express leaves twice a week on pre-determined days. You are authorized to leave 5 days before or 5 days after your deros to match the days that the Patriot Express leaves. I know this because I deros in April and reserved my ticket for 5 days early.

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