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I have a few questions about the school drop. My ETS is 26MAY2015, with the 90 drop it brings it down to 25FEB2015. The closest class start date is on 16MAR.

Can I use my accumilated leave as transitional leave on top of the 90 drop? I have 43 days of leave. Can I take leave 43 days away from 25FEB2015 (leave starting 13JAN2015)?

Or will I get paid the days after 25FEB2015?

Is this voluntary separation hard to do? Is it possible that the commander can screw you over and give you less than honorable discharge?

Any stories/info about this would be appriciated.
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I was reading the AR about the early separation to further education and it stated that the type of discharge is up to the commander. I have no reason for anything other than honorable.

Just how it was stated sounded like they could give you less than honorable if the commander wanted too. (less than honorable discharge = no gi bill = screwed/cant go to college = homeless.)

I thought they only gave permissive TDY for finding a home. I plan on going to college near where I'm statoned. Currently apartment hunting in area.

calisurfergirl43 answered 4 years ago
AR 600-8-10 look under para 5-35b give you up to 10days transitional leave for:

b. The purpose of transition PTDY is to facilitate transition into civilian life for house and job hunting for soldiers being involuntarily separated, retiring from active duty, or separating under the Voluntarily Separation Incentive (VSI) or Special Separation Benefit (SSB) program. Soldiers being reassigned due to permanent change of station (PCS) are authorized ten (10) days PTDY and will continue to comply with guidelines contained in paragraphs 5-31 and 5-32 . A normal PCS is defined as a reassignmet between duty stations for duty (not for transition) at the gaining station. In the context of this eligibility, PCS does not mean reassignment to a transition center/point for separation.

check out the rest.. What you should do is have you husband put in for the before he goes on Terminal leave on a DA Form 31,, it is not chargeable...
ALSO make sure he goes to ACAP on post this helps with resume and job hunting ,usually it's 3-5days have him ask his command about it.. So everyone that told you differently they are wrong follow the regulation..

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