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There is a closed discussion on the Extended Cold Weather Clothing System that, although answered that poster's concern, it did not wholeheartedly address mine. Therefore I seek the communal guidance of this respected community.

Situation: Detachment Sergeant wore wind jacket every day outside of change of responsibility and is now gone. E5 wears jacket regularly and has influenced my soldier and convinced him to wear it regularly until I flat out told my soldier he is not to wear it again until there are "cool windy" days again.

Reference: TM 10-8415-236-0

Of course we could hash out the specifics where it gives the guidelines of use for 40 degrees to -60 for the system, not to be worn with cottons and to be used to aid soldiers in adjusting to environments to determine whether they can wear them but I surmise it is much more simple than that.

This is the ECWCS, sound out the name. Why is it even considered possible to wear in the summer of Korea or anywhere in the Army there is a snowflake's chance in hell of being cool enough to qualify one to wear any part of a cold weather system?

Was there anything wrong with directing my soldier to no longer wear it? I stand by my decision but am curious if anyone else would have done otherwise.
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I would have told him to take it off as well, if that helps any, if the Soldier was wearing it outside of the -60 - 40 degree guidance.

A poster on the old thread wrote this:
The ECWCS is designed as a layered system to supplement a soldier depending on climate, not a separate uniform.

That is what my main point would be. Just as gloves, fleece caps, and all other "cold weather" items are designed to be used only during weather-appropriate conditions, so is the wind jacket.

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