EFMP family member issues possibly a compassionate reassignment??

I recently PCS'd to fort bliss unaccompanied reason being I have two EFMP family members which were recommended to remain in hawaii for doctors care and the family care/support plan by the EFMP Coordinators in the Pacific. Since arriving to fort bliss I also got a Recommendation to leave my family in hawaii because of the doctor and family care/ support plan which cannot be duplicated here in texas. However before I PCS'd here I tried to get reassignments to amend my orders(which my family were not on my orders to begin with and it also was a single soldier unaccompanied move to bliss) stating that my family is allowed to remain in hawaii because of the medical reasons; They said no and that I would have to do an Exception to policy for BAH and COLA and once approved then they can amend my orders. So I submitted the packets to Pentagon G-1 in which I was told that it was only temporary if approved and that I may not even qualify because the Officer over looking my Packets requested that I give him two out of the three Qualifications based on alaract 021/2008; as Clearly stated I qualify alone for the medical reasons with supporting documents but he is insisting that I provide him with a copy of deployment orders. I am not deploying anytime soon so I do not understand his angle and my Packets were also endorsed by my Battalion Commander.So i called my branch manager and told them what was going on they told me that if i didnt go that i would be AWOL and they would stop my medical( and she told me you know that your wife needs medical so its in your best interest to go) which I clearly took as a threat I reied to do an ICE Comment but somehow they do not have that system. Having no guidance or realizing that my branch clearly does not keep their soldier and his families welfare uppermost in their mind I had no choice but to PCS. Now I am here and my new unit are trying to work the Exception to policy for BAH and COLA again. I also had a IG complaint in which they did nothing at all to help and also a Congressional which they did not also help because the department of the Army IG is the one who replied to my congressman in which they gave me three options take them to bliss, leave them in hawaii and do the waivers or sign a declination of service statement having 11 years in it would be foolish to do a Dec statement. So Im not sure but my family is clearly not being supported. I am Homeless right now because I have to send money home to take care of them. I do not know if I qualify for a compassionate reassignment. I am hoping that someone can help me and my EFMP family.
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My Wife had her kidney removed because of cancer and she has tinnitus, meneres disease and vertigo which she cannot fly or drive or take care of my children thats why we had the approval from EFMP in hawaii and texas strongly recommending she remain in hawaii because the family care plan cannot be duplicated here in bliss because our family members take care of my wife and two kids and my son is also EFMP in which she sees two civilian doctors instead of being seen at tripler
Sorry about the situation.

---What would you do if you had a civilian job in Hawaii and they said you had to move CONUS?

While the Army will do what it can for you and the family, it's not their responsibility to do exactly what you want. You serve the Army, the Army doesn't serve your family.

Compassionate reassignments can be done only ONCE during your career- so if you were able to compassionate reassign back to Hawaii, what happens when you're on orders CONUS again? You can't use the CR again.

Sounds to me like you need to figure out some other solution- guarantee that there are doctors just as good or better CONUS. If doctors aren't available on-base they would send you to civilians there. (My family can't go on-post because we live off-post. It's all civilian, paid 100% by tricare.)

She could get on a boat from Hawaii to the states, show a doctor's letter to the travel people and maybe they could do an exception and pay for boat tickets instead of a planeride.


Like 11B says, not trying to be mean but just sounds like you want the Army to do what you want. Guess what- that's not going to happen.

PS- if you hit the enter button once in a while it makes that big mess of typing easier to read.
I stated that I tried the Exception to policy about pay but like I said the Officer who processes the Packet is really being a d^ck about it. Ok I understand what you are saying about a job but I dont know that if you know what the Family Covenant is but Im pretty sure the Army as a Whole is "saying that they are taking care of military families as well as President Obama's Speech about a month ago". Now I have been working with Branch on getting my assigment changed since May 2011 at the least to Korea my report date here was the 10th of november. this isnt the first time I was told that the army doesnt give a $hit about your family and I accept that! But If She is also being approved by EFMP in texas and they are saying that they cannot take care of my wife and her needs in texas.then Why am I not getting the Entitlements as I am authorized too or at the least change my orders to state that She is in Hawaii because remember they cut me orders as a Single Soldier saying they could only fix it if they had a Approved Packet from the Officer who processes the packet. If you fully read my First Post you would see that the family care plan takes presedence over a Soldier being able to do his job. This is why they say a Soldier cannot deploy and do his job if his family isnt taken care of.This is why I posted a Discussion here to see if someone had some brains and would know the answers. thanks though you really didnt answer anything also you cant ride a boat from hawaii this aint the 1800's.
You'll need to get documentation that she has to stay where she is. Then that paperwork must be submitted where you are for the exception to policy. Over the last few years they've been trying to cut abuse of the system, people would SAY they are in a high BAH area but then move to wherever. So they're being d^cks about it. Wink

And my family is EFMP, I have done compassionate reassignment before, I understand the stress. At the same time I was willing to do whatever the Army told me to, and in fact missed halloween, thanksgiving, christmas, and new year's because they had to stay CONUS while I was stuck in Germany waiting for paperwork.

PS- my internet in Afghanistan sucks, this link LOOKS like it has cruises to and from CA to Hawaii.
OK, forgive me for asking a stupid question. Is your wife ACTUALLY EMFP (meaning enrolled in the Army's EFMP program)? The reason I ask this is because a few years ago when I made the move from Riley to CO, my orders were held by branch for nearly 2 months while they cleared the move with the EFMP cordinator here in CO to make sure my wife could be treated (she had severe asthma once upon a time and even though she hadn't had an attack in years, the Army still called her EFMP as retarded as that is). If she is registered, then HRC should have cleared the move prior to you even making the move.
RGR Chief,
My family is actually EFMP that is how I got the memorandiums from hawaii and texas EFMP.
Branch does not care about the family plan or my wifes medical condition, they just look at the symptoms they do not go into detail. So technically yes she could come to texas because they have cancer doctors here. This is why I had to get the Memos from both sides EFMP stating they need to remain in hawaii because of the disability and family care plan. Ive talked with my Branch manager up at HRC they do not want to renig what they say or do nor do they care about soldiers. Ive emailed all documents from the civilian doctors to military doctors as well as recommendations from EFMP and my chain of command but they wont budge. So in order for branch to not look incompetent they refer back to army regulations and getting out for a Hardship Chapter in which I would of never been in this Situation if they had followed regulations in the first place causing uneeded hardship

I feel your pain being that I just went thru the exact same situation. My son is enrolled in EFMP and was receiving amazing medical and educational benefits at a previous duty station. I was at almost 16 years at the time, talked to my branch manager and volunteered for an 18 month unaccompanied tour so that my son could stay (did a BAH waiver because I was deploying). I was then told by branch I would get a priority pick when I got back to at least get within a weekend visit of my family. I was willing to sacrifice anything so that my son could benefit from the special program he was in. I asked for anything east coast from Fort Brag to Fort Drum.

On my way back from Iraq my NEW branch manager assigns me to Fort Hood. I contact him and he tells me needs of the Army, contact the Branch SGM and says needs of the Army and if it doesn’t work out for my son I have the option of trying to do a compassionate reassignment. After working my way up the chain, I contacted GEN Lynch and he put me in direct contact with THE EFMP coordinator. She seemed helpful and contacted branch directly and my branch manager and branch SGM would not deviate my assignment. She contacted me back and said I have the option of trying a compassionate reassignment.

I am now at Fort Hood and my son was approved by EFMP. No one will ever be denied educationally CONUS because of the No Child Left Behind law. It is mandated by law that all states will comply with a child’s individualized education plan (IEP). Do the states NO. When I contacted the EFMP office at Fort Hood and emailed the very detailed and complex IEP of my son I was told to start looking for a lawyer to sue the school to make them comply.

Specifically for your case, it should be very easy for you to get the BAH waiver approved based solely on the medical. When I filed my BAH waiver I went directly thru the Pentagon’s Entitlement Branch. I have seen the BAH waiver approved for less needy things than your case.

The Army Family Covenant is a joke and is only a publicity stunt. It can never work because of the individuals that are supposed to make it work are Soldiers and prior Soldiers that do not want anyone to have anything better than they had it or could get it. EFMP is also a program that should be updated with the entire family taken into consideration.
Seems like I can relate to this subject so let me present my case.

I'm currently deployed, and will be sitting at 17 years active duty time next month. I am definitely not looking forward to doing more than 20 years, and my wife just got enrolled in EFMP last week. My son and daughter are soon to follow.

I am based out of Fort Drum, but my family is currently in El Paso while I am deployed. Their needs are being met both medically and educationally. I have already submitted a 3739 thru my unit, but I still have to submit a 4187 as well before everything will go up to my Branch Manager.

I believe my branch will be the roadblock I run into, simply because they told me some mumbo jumbo about being stationed at Drum for 48 months before they will even move me. I have been at Drum for 26 months now, and if I want to do one more PCS, 2012 would be the perfect time, not 2014.

I am not going to risk my wife and child moving back to NY to NOT receive the services they need, nor do I feel like paying BAH in NY for my house, and my wife getting a place in El Paso...but I know Branch probably isn't concerned about soldier/family wellness and finances.....So, with me redeploying soon and hoping my 3739/4187 goes thru with my family in EFMP, is it unrealistic of me to believe that I will get orders to Fort Bliss where my families needs are already being met?
Im sorry to say but I have spoke with alot of other Soldiers and they all have had the similar case. Branch clearly does not care about Soldiers families, they Lie, they say things that clearly do not make sense. this is clearly the reason why you cannot write an ICE comment about their professionalism as well as not following their NCO creed. I was tricked into coming here to bliss as well as threatened. As soon as I got here I called my branch managers and said what do i do now? you tricked me into coming here knowing my wifes situation as well as my EFMP situation. He starts quoting out of the AR about a Soldier who cannot do his job must start a Hardship Chapter. so I told him where he can go. So I know and I pray to jesus that I will run into him sooner or later being that the Army is so small and I will Definately Pay him back and let him know the hell he put me and my family through. He even lied about recieving all the emailed documents from EFMP, ETC. but he said that he saved all my emails about me telling him that I dont understand why I am going to bliss to a unit that will not even deploy and that I have been on other deployments. They Need to feel what they put us through. However my unit is working to try to get me the BAH difference as I am Qualified for but somehow I have been running into a Roadblock with G-1 Pentagon how it is not in the best interest of the Army to pay me the Difference. Then I was like why did you send me here in the first place. Straight Up the Army has gone Downhill and all these outside "sources" IG, Congressmen, ETC are garbage. the only real help I have had was EFMP. Sorry but I just try to stay positive and keep my faith because I know soon that things will workout in someway.

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