So I just got my EIB the other day, out of ~1000 Soldiers, 32ish got their EIB's, including myself.

I've checked out the EIB website on Infantry Branch on AKO, so I know alot of other units are doing EIB testing:

I'm wondering how other peoples EIB's as of late have gone, same results? I keep hearing everyone say the old EIB was 'so much harder', but from what I've seen more people ended up with their EIB's per capita on the old test.

Anyone think/know differently?

Also, does anyone have any info on the MTT Air Assault course ( recent attendees / graduates ), My 1SG told me I'm going in September, so I'm trying to do some recon on this course, any pointers?

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@ Homeless Guy,

First, I would like to say congratulations on such an accomplishment. I remember when I earned my EIB in 2005 and how much that meant to me. Also, I have heard your background with your reclass so I know it's even more important validating yourself an an Infantryman.

My two cents here is the Old Old EIB pre OIF/OEF was harder like most things in the Army. The EIB used to have a 15-25% "GO" percentage before the wars really kicked off.

Once the Expert weapons qual,land nav, 70% in each event on APFT and the 12 mile in 3 hrs became prerequisites, units could have 4 or 5 PT Test or conduct X amount of ranges if it was Febuary but EIB was going to be in June. Therefore it wasn't a One shot One kill type thing. Meaning you either score a 210 or better with 70% in each event or you can not even go out for EIB.

When I came in back in 04' I would say about 60-75% of Infantry in my BDE earned it. And the one's who didn't it was probably grenandes that took them out.

Back when I earned my EIB, it was proving you were a "Expert" of Infantry Skill Level One tasks. This mean a PVT out of Basic with 2 months prep could potentially earn his EIB. I don't see that now with the new system. It seems you need a little more experience, quick thinking, decisiveness, and even some tactical leadership nowadays. Just my thoughts.

I would say back in the day, there was some badge protecting, and I guy with a bad rep, probably stood no chance, and a guy with a good rep could screw up and it get overlooked.

Air Assualt.

I graduated about 8 or 9 months ago as an SFC. Let me just say a few things. It's very easy, so easy they have to stress the small things because Soldiers overlook the small things.

I will say the roadmarches are easy. What got people were packing list. They take that seriously.

First 3 days, I got smoked like I hadn't got smoked in a while. Afterthat smooth sailing. Slingload pay attention, practice and ask questions and you will be ok.

Any specific questions ask, and I will answer
Good information!

They were definatly badge guarding this one, PT test and Landnav were Regiment ran, one shot go or no go events, my entire PLT minus me and one SPC got No Go'd on PT Test, the SPC got No Go'd on night land nav though.

The only thing that kept me in the game was the fact I talked myself through every task like it was a board question.

Thanks for the info about AASLT,

Do you know what I can practice now? I heard you get tested on rigging up a swiss seat, anything else I can practice? I have googled up old documents from 2005 about air assault, but trust your info more.
That would be what I would practice.(swiss seat) It's very simple but guys who had no clue really put unecessary stress trying to learn it during the course.

There is actually an Air Assualt Youtube video and a good video with an AA Instructor showing how to tie a Swiss Seat. It's no sweat but you might wanna check it out.

Everything is really simple, you will have written/ multiple choice test. The Q&A come from the AA Handbook. The only thing that really dropped people was Slingload, so I stress pay attention, do it the way you are taught and ask questions.

The course is really for PVT-SGT and LTs so you will feel like Basic, actually worse than basic training. Last but not least it's a "badge" school, go there and get the badge. It's nothing special, it's not hard, it's not going to make you a better leader, but you will learn some things. Just understand you are going to put up with a lot of crap, 75% of the course is unnecessary bull. You have to remember who your peers are. They will be much more immature and less experienced.

Have fun, I am no badge whore but it does feel good to sew/pin something additional on your chest

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