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I know the Army does not specifically have a MOS for Emergency Management. What I would like to know is if there is a MOS that specifically deals with EM. Like emergency planners, responders (i know mp, ems, fire for inital but what about the actual disaster?).

If anyone could provide some insight it would be greatly appreciated.
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I am an EPLO in reserves (Emergency Preparedness Liason Officer) that works hand in hand with FEMA during all disasters in my Region. It's a 00G slot (any MOS can be assigned). The active side is through ARNORTH stationed in San Antonio(HQ, with 10 Regions spread throughout US and 2 Territories.

Not sure if this is exactly what you meant but we do work with Active on OPCON side of house. Google ARNORTH to get to their website.

I would think if you really wanted to put your degree to use, the closest full time job would be Civil Affairs followed by MP. I know both jobs focus on other things but they respond to a lot of emergency and disaster relief ( Katrina and Haiti)

There are also Sr. Enlisted military position at regional FEMA offices.
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Really, I wouldn't think 51C would do anything with EM. can you provide some insight because that may be something I can think about.

Every major national disaster there have been 51C Soldiers called upon to support operations. Also take into account actions such as Haiti, Pakistan earthquake relief etc.

Granted, it isn't many or that often, but we do respond.

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