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I am in the process of enlisting in the Army, but have yet to take my ASVAB. While waiting to take it, my mind has been running in a million different directions when it comes to what MOS to pick. Infantry has crossed my mind, so has 35M (Human Intelligence Collector) and 35L (Counterintelligence Agent). I know none of this really matters until I get my ASVAB score, but I know I want to fight for my country. But when I start to tell my family about considering enlisting as Infantry they start to try and talk me out of it, and it always comes back to the inevitable subject of dying. I know I don't want to die at a young age, (I'm 20) but I feel like if it was to protect my country....well then I'm okay with that, at least it would mean something. I guess I'm just looking for some guidance when it comes to joining and picking a MOS and how do I know which one is right for me? Also, if I do go Infantry I know want to go Airborne as well, but I hear Airborne school kicks some guys' a**es. Is it really that hard? I know they run a lot, but I heard they call it the Airborne Shuffle. I heard it's not a face pace, just long distances, is this true?
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I can tell you this having served as an Infantryman for most of my career. The Infantry is a branch that offers both challenge and Pride.

No other branch of the Army offers the level of challenge and pride that you will get from being an Infantryman. The Infantry is the core of the Army Everything else is designed to support it. Everything.

Having said that service and sacrifice of all other soldiers is not any less. From the Cook to the Personnel clerk. They all have a specific duty that helps the Infantry complete their mission. Their duties help to keep the Infantry focused on winning and bring everyone back home safely. Do not ever discount the soldier who never leaves the FOB or goes outside the wire you need them to accomplish your mission.

I am currently serving as a Signal soldier in the US Army Reserve. Though I do not regret going signal I miss the Infantry a lot.

As far as your family is concerned. Their concerns are valid ones. By joining the Infantry you are voluntarily putting yourself at much higher risk than anything else. It is also ultimately YOUR decision to make. I joined the Infantry because I wanted the challenge that it offered. I do not regret it to this day. I am most proud of my service as an Infantryman and can look down at the EIB on my chest with pride. My EIB is one of the things that I consider a lifetime achievement. It represents the trials and hardships that I endured as an Infantryman. It also represents the pride that I have from earning it and shows that I do indeed hold the 11B MOS.

As an Infantry soldier you are held to a MUCH higher standard in the US Army. The Infantry branch prides itself upon being the most fit, well trained, best disciplined fighting soldiers in the world. The rigors of your job as an Infantryman require that you be just that. Your training will be second to none and Yes it will suck at times but that just all goes into that thing we call pride in the end.

When others are sleeping cozy in their beds or sitting in their nice heated or air conditioned offices the Infantry soldier is out busting brush, sleeping on the ground in the rain / mud or snow freezing his butt off, trading rounds with the enemy, and on foot patrol through little villages that no one will ever want to go to or even think about.

There are many exciting MOSs that offer great opportunities, rewarding experiences, training, and job skills for use after your service is done. my opinion is that none of them offer the amount of pride and esprit de corps that the Infantry does. No your job skills aren't transferable outside of the military except for security and Law Enforcement but that's not Why I joined. I joined the Infantry because I wanted to be able to say to myself that I was and am proud of my service and that I did something worthwhile, rewarding, and honorable.

There is an Infantry sticker on my car not a signal one.
well said, mac-daddy, well said.
but lets not forget the medics who stand with the infantry,train with the infantry,leave the wire with the infantry, and fight like the infantry.
68W(combat medic) is also a great MOS. everything goofymac has said, it could more than definitely be applied for medics.
and im sure goofymac can back me on that one.
not only are we training and fighting hard as an infantryman,cav scout,etc., we are also putting the additional time into medical training not only so we can excel as the best medic(which there is always a constant challenge and competition between medics) this army has seen, but so that we are more than confident that we can and will save a life if our man(or multiple) is down.
whether in garrison or downrange, we are always training as well as taking care of our patients.
my boyfriend is a line medic, he is attached to the cavalry regiment where he is always in field and always training with the scouts. when he is not in field, he is working in his unit aid station; providing medical care,learning from his PA, teaching the scouts CLS,CPR,etc.
also as an NCO, he has the additional duty of taking care of their personal needs, as well as his own. its a lot of responsibility(i dont know HOW he has the mental capacity to take care of me! ;P)
I am also a medic and i work in the ER of an army hospital. i am not on the line,i dont go to the field, and my unit doesnt deploy, but this doesnt mean that i dont know what its like to work hard,freeze my ass off in the snow, or get my boots muddy.
in the ER, my crew and i put in 13(one of those hours being PT)hour days,4 days a week.In the ER we are providing constant care to not only soldiers, but their family members,retirees, and DoD civilians. it is extremely stressful!
most of the patients are extremely rude and demanding, so patience is just as important as discipline. on top of our work shifts we have additional mandatory classes,training,etc.
it is by far much harder than what i had assumed i was getting into, but it is a job that guarantees pride,loyalty, and respect.
(any infantryman will tell you about the respect the medics receive from them)
if youre interested in a combat MOS where you learn a variety of "infantry" skills as well as medical skills,then 68W would be something great to look into.
nothing is more prideful and so motivating than helping someone turn their frown upside downWink

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