Enlist with breast implants?

Ok so I tried to find out if there was any posts on here about this and couldn't find one. I had an augmentation over a year ago and got cohesive gel silicon implants (the ones that don't leak). I am thinking of going in as a Patient Administration Specialist because I want to work on getting my RN/BSN. I know this is a question for a recruiter, but I wanted to see of there were any one here that know the answer.
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I found this on google

Silicone implants require a waiver if-
Silicone breast implants, encapsulated (85.53) if less than 9 months since surgery or with symptomatic complications.

You answered your own question however, bring it up to recruiter.
If you can get them while you're in the Army, there's no problem having them and then enlisting.

Instead of enlisting as a patient admin, why not enlist as a 68W (medic/healthcare specialist), get into the Green to Gold Program or RN program, and have the Army pay for your degree and become an officer?

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