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Hello Everyone,

I’m currently stationed at the Pentagon and I don’t really have a normal chain of command so I figured I would reach out to you all on this topic.

I’m a SSG who is a 35F on active duty and I’m getting ready to reenlist for assignment. This reup will put me over the 10 year mark so I’m in it for the long haul.

More background on me: Not that my current chain of command lack the experience, but more of a timing issue, I’ve started doing tons of research on this option. So far I’ve discovered that I need to improve my current GT score and complete my degree IOT apply, but I still have some info gaps that I need to fill before I’m 100% certain on this option. I’m 27 and I have about 1 more year before I receive my bachelors in applied management.

My questions:
1. Is there anyone out there that has recently completed the OCS active duty option? Specifically the option that a college graduate would take, not the active duty ROTC one.
2. What is the current age requirement for this option?
3. I saw on another forum that OCS maybe wavered if you have previous leadership experience, such as WLC and ALC.
4. When are the boards? Are they annually, quarterly?
5. Any other websites on the application process other than the HRC one?
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