To make a long story short....I never had a personality disorder...there were 5 or 6 individuals from the same unit that were all discharge under the same separtaion RE code is a 3. My "disorder" was a moderate case of depression (which has been resolved) and the unit decided rather than help, they would kick me out.

I was a good soldier who had no problems until I ran into this horrible unit. Served 4 yrs on AD before I joined the Guard and was subjected to this horrible treatment. If I had a personality disorder, I am sure it would have been identified in my 4 yrs of active duty.

After I was discharged, the unit was brought up on charges and investegated and a few people in the chain-of-command were relieved of their duties related to the enormous amount of discharges they were dishing out. (Some B...S...) I loved the Army and would love to serve again. Just need to know what I can do to make that happen and continue with my life.

It has been 4 yrs since I was discharged and now I am inquiring about reenlisting and being told that a personality disorder is an automatic bar to reenlistment. Is this true? Previously I was told I had to wait 2 yrs.
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There is a problem in his issues. First of all if you where over an E-3 you probally cant get back on active duty right now anyways. What was your rank and MOS? Second, all you need is a letter from a dr saying that the disorder that you where put out for does not exsist. Take all this paper work with your DD214 to your local recruiting station and they will submit you for a medical review at MEPS. It will come down approved or not. Then you will get a RE code waiver which is pretty easy and comes back in about a day or two. The problem is that prior service can only enlist in the reserves for the most part these days unless you have one of a few MOS's that you are already qualified in. I wish you the best of luck and hope you get a recruiter that will do the right thing with your stuff.

PS- I am a detailed recruiter

I was an E4 when I got out and I do have more than one MOS. I was told the exact same thing you're telling me when I got out. The recruiter I spoke with today told me that there is no way I can get back in unless I appeal. He also told me that they are not recruiting as much for the Reserves because they are over strengthed. He suggested AD. I am just confused because I am being told so many different things. I guess I just need to find a knowledgeable and reliable recruiter. Thanks!
Wow, Franklin! Your tenacity and resilience have paid off. Some people may ask the question - why would you want to go back? But you answered the question succinctly and eloquently - it was an isolated injustice. You are a better person because of this ordeal and stronger. If interested, maybe you can be an EO counselor as an extra duty, or get into an MOS where you can be a resilience trainer. Thanks for the awesome news and happy trails to you!
Is there a possibility that you could give some directive as to how you made it back in if you did? I have been trying for the same and it seems like no recruiter wants to touch my discharge code- 'personality disorder' thank you.

if you need- email me at

thank you so very much
Originally posted by sillyangie43:
Is there a possibility that you could give some directive as to how you made it back in if you did?

First of all, that was a couple years ago. He might not even visit here. If you PM him it sends an email to him.

Second- did you fall in the same situation as Franklin?? Absolutely NOT having issues, but the CoC was all relieved??

Third- do you REALLY REALLY feel that you are fine to serve without any emotional/mental issues?

Not sure of your exact situation or if mine might differ from someone that was actually on active duty once discharged with this type of seperation, but I had the same personalitly disorder discharge way back in 1997. the difference is that I was still in BCT and for lack of an excuse, I just couldn't hack it and asked to get out and that's what they gave me. At the time I didn't care what they gave me for a discharge, as I just wanted out. Basically, they told me before I left BCT that I could come back to that Army after being out for two years. I thought yeah right, you're not going to see me again. But in 2003, I started thinking about how I "quit" and I wanted back in. The very first recruiter I talked to wasn't very helpful, but I called the recruiter office again and talked with another recruiter that took the time to explain things. I basically had to sell myself on the fact that I was ready to do this and could handle the emotions of BCT and Army life. I also had to visit good ol MEPS a few times and sit and talk with the doctor for the final approval. It just took more work for them to get me through compared to a new recruit off the street. I'm not sure if they get credit for getting us back in or not, so that might be a possibility of why you're getting the brush off. Long story short, I went back in 2004 and have been reserve ever since and this past june started an AGR Tour and did a 1-year CONUS Mob back in 2009-2010. I don't believe that I ever had a personaility disorder, I just didn't care what they discharged me under back in 1997. I just wanted out and that discharge got me out so I really didn't care. I did have the recruiter say once, "why did they give you such a harsh discharge when it should have been just a chapter 11, unable to adapt." Good luck to you and if your local recruiter won't help you, call the next closest office and explain to them what's going on. I've found that I've been given two different answers for the same question from two different offices. Hope this helps.

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