Enlisting into 35 Series - Language requirement?

I'm in the process of enlisting into the Army, have taken the asvab and passed the physical. All that's next is landing an MOS.

I originally got interested in the Army because I wanted to work in 46Q Public Affairs or 25V Combat Documentation. These both being near impossible to get an open slot in, I have expanded my wish list to include 35M, 35F, and 35G.

I am set to take the DLAB in the next few days, and am scared as hell!

Looking into it more, I am a little bit confused about the language requirements of the 35 series. I know 35P is a linguist job. But what about 35m, 35f and 35g? Do these jobs really require a foreign language? I had read that the language requirement was suspended for 35m. And honestly, I'm not sure how language would play into 35f and g. Is it possible to do the assigned work of these job without a foreign language?

At the moment, is DLI and a passing DLAB required for all of these specialities?

I've been stressed out, wanting to sign already. My recruiters are finally working with me in trying to find the jobs I want(after suggesting jobs like Food Service Specialist and Human Resources). But there's so many obstacles in landing these jobs. Clearances, tests, etc.

I could really use any suggestions for different MOS' to expand my search a bit, in case my intel choices fall through.

I'm looking for a specialty that is not combat arms, but affords me the chance to be in the field a bit. All my jobs on my wish list involve going out, gathering information, making reports, and recording info. Is there a suitable MOS that I'm missing?

I know there's plenty of sites with job descriptions, but I like hearing from real people that know the real world application of the specialties available in the Army.

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I'd love to see where you are getting that information. I have yet to see any MILPER or anything that states that the language requirement has been reinstated. It has been suspended for damn near 6-7 years now.

Not saying it's impossible, but being a senior 35M who has a foreign language, and runs a blog about being an Army linguist, I have yet to hear a single thing stating that it is required again.
Originally posted by 35M48S1PF:
I'd love to see where you are getting that information. I have yet to see any MILPER or anything that states that the language requirement has been reinstated. It has been suspended for damn near 6-7 years now.

Not saying it's impossible, but being a senior 35M who has a foreign language, and runs a blog about being an Army linguist, I have yet to hear a single thing stating that it is required again.

141600 June 2012 (EST) USAREC MESSAGE 12-167

SUBJECT: New Requirements for MOS 35M Regular Army (RA) and Army Reserve (AR)

1. THIS IS AN IMMEDIATE MESSAGE, and is valid for 2 years from date of
publication unless rescinded or superseded.

2. References:

a. USAREC Regulation 601-96, Enlistment, Accessions and Processing
Procedures, 08 DEC 2009.

b. AR 611-21 Military Occupational Classification and Structure located in
the Human Resources Command (HRC) SMARTBOOK.

c. USAREC Message 11-155, Revision of Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)
35M (Human Intelligence Collector), dated 3 May 2011.

3. The purpose of this message is to announce a revision to qualifications for
MOS 35M. This message will also outline the policy to convert the temporary
reservation to permanent.

4. Summary of significant changes for MOS 35M:

a. Language Capable Eligibility:

(1) Must have a minimum qualifying score of 95 or higher on the Defense
Language Aptitude Battery (DLAB) at the time of enlistment.

(2) No exceptions to policy for DLAB scores below 95 are authorized.

(3) No exceptions to policy to enlist pending a DLAB are authorized.

b. The effective date of this revision for new accessions into MOS 35M is
18 June 2012.

5. Future Soldiers that enlisted into the Future Soldier Training Program for
MOS 35M prior to the effective date of 18 June 2012 will be grandfathered and
can continue to ship without a DLAB. Current FSR2 reservations for 35M can be
converted to permanent without a DLAB up until 18 June 2012.

6. Recruiters utilizing FSR2 will be able to see training opportunities
provided the applicant is a US Citizen, and has a 101 or higher ST score.
Reservations cannot be converted to permanent without a 95 DLAB or higher.

Fred W. Johnson, COL, GS, Assistant Chief of Staff, G-3
The information you posted doesn't indicate that 35M is language dependent at all. It only indicates that you need a passing DLAB to enlist. The MOS remains language CAPABLE not DEPENDENT.

I hope to hell you're not a recruiter that's been telling privates they will need a language and/or will be sent to DLI because they'll end up working for me all pissed off that their recruiter told them they would get a school that they have less than one percent chance of getting (DLI). Please double check the info...not trying to be a dick but if I hadn't been in the thread you would've just put out bad info to a potential future recruit.
Sorry if I came across as a dick, I was in a shitty mood this morning lol.

Yeah, basically it looks as though the Army via USAREC is trying to cut down on 35M recruits and potentially open them up for future training. Perhaps either by making it mandatory down the road (that would be nice, since the suspension was only supposed to be temporary) or maybe as a re-up incentive.

When the Army suspended the language requirement it was because units couldn't wait for interrogators/source handlers to complete the full 1.5-2 year training cycle (they needed them down range). It was supposed to be temporary.

However, it also costs about a quarter of a million per soldier to go through the training, so I think budget cuts definitely have something to do with it.

For awhile, OCMI (Office of the Chief, Military Intelligence) stated that 35M would remain language-capable in hopes that eventually they would use DLI as a re-enlistment incentive for career or mid-career 35Ms (due to their terrible retention numbers at the time).

However, I have yet to see someone successfully re-enlist for DLI even with DLAB scores of like 120+. I was one of the last groups of 35M (then 97E) to get DLI, so I was lucky.

The main difference between the capable and dependent is just that it says that they can POTENTIALLY learn a language. It also has to do with FLPB pay - if someone is in a language capable MOS, they can receive FLPB if certain conditions are met.

You can see the list of capable/dependent here:


However, the information you posted is still pretty awesome and opens up the door to potential future recruits having the opportunity to go to DLI at some point in their career, so I posted the info on my blog (thanks for the info):

Thanks for the replies. So just to clarify, do MOS' 35F and 35G require passing the DLAB as well, even though they do not require a foreign language?

And without going into specifics, of course, does being a 35M without a language mean I would most likely be stuck processing security clearances and stuff like that, or can this still be an interesting job?

I'm taking the DLAB tomorrow, and am pretty anxious. I'm surprised the minimum passing score on the DLAB is 95. I was told it had been raised, but a score over 95 was waiverable.

Thanks for the info.
Once again 35G and 35F DO NOT require the DLAB. 35M has NOTHING to do with S2s and security clearances whatsoever. And no one who has enlisted or re-classified as a 35M since about 2005 has been guaranteed a language so you won't be "stuck" doing anything except the regular job that every other 35M does day in and day out.
I got a 110. I was surprised, because I felt like I screwed up a lot of the test, and even guessed the first part of a section when I missed the instructions!

I signed my contract for MOS 35P, Crytologic Linguist. I wanted 35M, but that's what was available, and my recruiter pushed me for it. It actually sounds pretty cool, as well as the opportunity to go to DLI. I'm intimidated, but if I can do it, I'm sure it'll be a great experience.

Finishing all the various tests required to enlist was a huge relief, but now I have the huge headache of top secret clearance with sci!

I'm going to have that hanging over my head all through basic, and for the next year!
Make sure you tell the complete truth on your security clearance paperwork. Additionally, the same person should never be listed twice - this speeds up the process. For example, one of your three "people that know you best" should not be someone who is also listed as "someone who knows you at this address" for example. Don't leave any gaps in time, etc.
thank you. luckily, that is one of the few things my recruitment office didn't screw up when working on my sf86.

Didn't list anybody more than once. In my security interview, the interviewer actually helped me match times up. It's definitely tough going so far back with all of the residences I've been at. Especially since a lot of places I only stayed for a month at. I got through the interview with all my timeline more or less connected to at least the interviewers approval.

I got a lot of heat from my recruiters for disclosing the truth on things they insisted I omit or even lie about.

I got fired from a job and told the interviewer. My recruiter was irked when I had to call him to change it. (You let them scare you guys! They wouldn't have found out!) I also disclosed collections(that have all been paid).

Navigating the process is pretty scary when one side(recruiter) is insisting you lie at every turn. I had a very stressful day at MEPS trying to do a lot of damage control and disclose things that were not disclosed at first.

For the most part, I feel like I got a lot off my chest, but still feeling pretty anxious about the process. Trying to get used to the idea that my clearance may be denied, and I'll be stuck with another MOS.

The MOS sounds very exciting, and rewarding, but a part of me wishes I went with a job that was less stressful in processing.
Really as long as you don't have DUI/DWI's in the past 10 years, huge amounts of debt, haven't been in a looney bin hospital, or experimented/abused illegal substances you'll be OK.

You'll look back and laugh when you meet some of the yahoos with a Top Secrets/SCI.

Great job on the DLAB by the way, all I could ever pull off was a 83.

Please though, don't be one of those wankers that goes around telling people the test is easy. I don't feel anyone could say that unless they do a 140 or better.
Yeah, I wouldn't tell people it was easy. I can't even say if it was hard or not..felt like a big leap of faith. I don't know even know what it was! I do think speaking a little Spanish helped out a bit. At least in the part where you are told to switch the order of nouns and adjectives and stuff like that. Came sort of naturally. Otherwise, I was really surprised with the outcome. I was sure I bombed at the time I completed it.

And yeah, 35M48V4PF, I'm definitely not approaching DLI with a passing DLAB score getting to my head. I actually didn't want the linguist job initially. But before that popped up, my recruiter was only offering me jobs like Food Service and Unit Supply(no disrespect to people in those fields, just wasn't interested).

I was intrigued, and thought I had a lot to gain with this MOS. I'm looking forward to the challenge. I know what will get me through is a hard work ethic..especially since it's such a short time to learn a language. It's intimidating, but the reason I'm joining the army in the first place is to challenge myself with something new. I feel lucky to have been offered this opportunity.

One thing I will say to people in the recruiting process: DONT LET THE RECRUITERS CONVINCE YOU TO LIE.

I really don't have much of anything to hide in my background. And like Corvette says, there's lots of yahoos in these positions already who get clearances with much more to hide. I hear of people getting TS clearances with DUIS, and my recruiter is telling me to lie about being fired at a part-time job I had 5 years ago!
I would submit to you that the Army is not really for you.

You seem to already have a negative attitude. The Army is going to put you where it needs you. There are people that would kill for that opportunity.

Yes you will be recycled into something else if you don't pass. Yes you probably don't get to pick the language, and it will be about 50/50 middle eastern or Asian since that's what they really need (assuming you do well enough on the DLAB). Plus you seem to only want to use the military to get a skillset. This isn't a bad idea, but it's not a great idea either. If your heart isn't into the commitment you aren't going to make it very far. Just my opinion.

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