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I just finished my BA and teacher credential, but I want to enlist. I have $58,000 in student loans, so the clrp sounds appealing. I am trying to decide whether I should go enlisted or ocs. Officers don't qualify for clrp, right?

I only want to enlist for a few years active duty, and then reserves. My husband is a SSG with 11yrs in. I have always wanted to enlist, but it was too difficult with kids and his job. He will be on an assignment for the next two years that is more stable (m-f daytime hours). So this is my window to go to training. He is 13F. I want to choose an MOS that has a high bonus and promotion potential, but is popular enough to hopefully keep us together in the macp (he will be at lewis)

Any advice?
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Its SLRP, and student loans can be repaid with through either Enlisted, OCS, and EVEN Warrant at least back in 2009.

This policy could have changed, but I won't believe so till someone gives me a USAREC message showing otherwise.

I actually had a debate with another Recruiter about this and showed him the reg during that time.

You have to test first and realize that a 4 year degree isn't the only criteria for OCS. Lets face it there are some institutions you can attend and really not learn a whole lot unless you have a meaty major like Bio, math, law or medicine. However, as long as you score well, have solid, quantifiable letters of recommendation, can all ready pass a PT test with strong scores, you could potentially be a strong candidate. High bonus, and promotion potential MOSes are usually crummy positions like 13F (absolutely zero disrespect meant towards your husband) high risk, or very high physical demands. If you are highly fluent in a foreign language this is about the only exception.
Take that ASVAB practice test first...if you cant score a 50, you wont be picking from many MOS and you wont qualify for student loan repayment. Also Enlisted is the only one that offered it when i left recruiting. Forget about big bonuses, do it b/c you want to serve, the days of "i want this job, with SLRP, high bonus or i wont enlist" ARE GONE!!!! Also the MOS that has SLRP, might not be the one you like/has bonus/high promotion rate....
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Forget about big bonuses, do it b/c you want to serve

I don't think anyone does it for this reason today. The only people that I know will do it for this reason is for 18x contracts.

I disagree, since i was a recruiter i met many that just wanted to serve...and what i meant was, right now you cant be picky, just join with a job you are ok with...to wait for that "dream" job or walk in demanding only one MOS to enlist, theyll laugh at you
When I went to OCS in 2010, HRC had just rescinded the SLRP for 09S (OCS Candidates). It is no more.

A new CSRB just came out. The highest bonuses are for 18 Series (Special Forces), Civil Affairs, and EOD. But those are for retention and not for initial enlistment. There isn't much for enlistment bonuses for MOS'.

I am a Recruiter currently stationed in Charleston, SC. The SLRP, which I used when I joined, is currently suspended. There are very few jobs that offer any kind of bonus at all. If you blow the ASVAB and DLAB away, you might could qualify for linguist, which has some great SRBs. There are other SRBs out there. Call the office at (843) 764-1951 and ask for SSG Rich. I'll do my best to answer what I can! Smiler

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