Entering EOD as an officer, cadet

I am an ROTC cadet due to commission into the Ordnance branch this May. I am extremely interested in pursuing EOD and am attempting to gather as much information as possible about being a 91E. Admittedly, I have very little background knowledge on it, and even less information on what it takes to succeed. After searching the internet, your contact information came up and I would very earnestly like to ask if you have any information that might help.

Specific questions that have come up are:

One of the requirements for EOD is an ASVAB ST score of 110. I understand it's a sort of intelligence test, but do you have any more information on it??
For a commissioned officer at BOLC, what must one do in order to get an EOD slot?
What can I do right now to heighten chances of success for EOD (studying FMs, fitness, anything..)

I would really like to get informed and prepared but aren't sure where to start.I would tremendously appreciate any information or feedback on this.
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