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I am a senior cadet and will be getting commissioned (Active) in August '10. I am interested in going Ordnance then specializing in EOD. Only thing is, I have no idea what I would be doing as an EOD officer. There isn't much information online. I heard it used to be very difficult to get into EOD but now they're taking almost anyone that will volunteer, that true? My questions are: What is training for an officer going into EOD like? What are the steps? And once I'm in, what would I be doing as a 2lt and as I go up in ranks what would I be doing? I am trying to find something that I will be passionate and do a great job at, so, any info/help would be much appreciated.
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I cannot say for sure, because I am not in EOD yet. I have a class date this summer. It is 10 weeks at Redstone Arsenal and then roughly 8 months at Eglin AFB. It as a Navy run school, and as I understand it, enlisted and officers attend the same course. After graduation, you would got your duty assignment and immediately start studying to become "team leader certified". Again, as I understand it, officers must be certified to lead a team, but actual team leaders are almost always NCO's. Hope my info is somewhat accurate and helpful.
Make no mistake about it EOD school is hard. In fact it is the hardest academic school in the Military. I say in the military because if you make it to Eglin you will be in class with Marines, Airmen, and Sailors. The attrition rate for the school as a whole when I went through was almost 49%. The Army rans about 27% which was the second worst. My class at Eglin started with 25 and out of the original 25, 11 graduated. We lost 4 LT's, 5 Privates, and 2 Specialists.

Army EOD has become closer to what traditional units in the army are. We used to have 20 man companies. We now have 40 man companies. As a LT you would most likely by an XO if your lucky or you may work in one of the S shops at Battalion or Group. Officers very rarely run teams as they are administrative. You will occasionally see officers on VIP missions that may have you doing things like searching the Olympics for bombs. Dar is correct after graduation you would eventually have to certify as a team leader however your certification would take a back seat to certify enlisted who will eventually run as team leaders. You also will not get as many classes as the enlisted for the same reason. Some of the classes might be Post Blast Analysis, Advanced IED's, British IED's, and many others. Officers do not get SDAP or AIP but they do get demo pay.

EOD can be very rewarding and there is an infinite amount of knowledge and ordnance to learn about. Tech's that have been EOD for 20+ years will still admit they don't know it all and have a lot to learn.

If you or anyone else needs info on re-classing http://www.bragg.army.mil/sorb/SORB_EODHOME.html

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