EOD as an officer, cadet?

I am an ROTC cadet due to commission into the Ordnance branch this May. I am extremely interested in pursuing EOD and am attempting to gather as much information as possible about being a 91E. Admittedly, I have very little background knowledge on it, and even less information on what it takes to succeed. After searching the internet, your contact information came up and I would very earnestly like to ask if you have any information that might help.

Specific questions that have come up are:

One of the requirements for EOD is an ASVAB ST score of 110. I understand it's a sort of intelligence test, but do you have any more information on it??
For a commissioned officer at BOLC, what must one do in order to get an EOD slot?
What can I do right now to heighten chances of success for EOD (studying FMs, fitness, anything..)

I would really like to get informed and prepared but aren't sure where to start.I would tremendously appreciate any information or feedback on this. If my questions are overreaching themselves, could you refer me to someone or point me in the right direction?
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I can answer one question for you, however I am enlisted and haven't gone through the course yet, but I asked similar questions to you a month or two ago on Military.com forums.

"What can I do now to heighten chances of success for EOD"

Make sure you keep up with PT. A lot of the Army (including the schoolhouse) is switching over to the PRT program, and people are seeing suffering PT scores due to it. As for studying FM's, most of the FM's that would help you are classified and can't be studied without proper clearance and need-to-know. If you go in with motivation, dedication, and attention to detail I'm sure you'll be fine.

By the way, officer and enlisted go through the same course.
ASVAB will have some english and math and other skills on it. Like you're shown a shape then they show you 4 other shapes- one of which is the original shape, turned. You have to pick the right one.

There are also questions about electric knowledge, car parts (I remember some question about carberator from 2000,) and plenty of other fields. You can find study guides online or at stores.

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