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I just got pre-approved for EOD. I have to do my interview now and go for suit testing. I am presently in Afghanistan and will most likely be going to Bagram for testing. Has anyone gone through suit testing recently? What does it consist of? Do they do it differently while deployed?

What can I expect during the interview portion?

I was laid up for a year with a broken leg, just getting back into a formal PT regimen, run time is still way off from what is used to be. I also got fat during the 15 months i was laid up, but have lost 37 pounds since I got to Afghanistan in Jan. Any PT tips to prepare me for the testing? Figure I have about 45 days or so before i can get there to be tested.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!
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The suit testing is not so much a test of your physical endurance (although it will be good for you to not be TOTALLY broken)... it is more a test to see you not give up on a few hours of total suckfest and to see if you are claustrophobic. What happened with my suit test was i got the crap smoked out of me in a bomb suit, had to do some "finger agility" type things, and did some basic math and other academic type things. Then i repeated the same process in chem gear. Not too bad. Anything else I could help you with let me know... I am halfway through Eglin right now.
Thanks for the data! Hey can you give me an idea as to whether or not you have to have a final TS before graduating Eglin? You need it before going to Eglin?

If you do not need to graduate, what happens if in the end you dont get it? Do you go back to you old MOS? can you reclass?

I got denied my INTERIM SECRET, but got a final SECRET after invest was complete. I had some financial issues several years ago. The EOD recruiters talked to OPM about mine before preapproving me, said I am not likely to get interim TS, but if that is all there is I will most likely get FINAL. that is why they preapproved me. I am just worried about Murphy stepping in and do not want to be stuck a 13B!!!!

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