I've been trying my hardest to find a solution and am hoping that someone out there has experience in this matter.

I had a break in active duty service after 6 yrs. I went into the reserves and after 2 yrs went back on active duty. My problem is getting my ERB to reflect any of this in the assignment history. I've been borking with BN and then BDE S1 for several months on this and they just don't know how to fix my ERB's assignment history.

My questions are:

Is my time in the reserves supposed to be reflected on my ERB? Otherwise, is there a way explain a gap in my active duty to the SFC board when it comes up? Currently, my NCOER timeline wouldnt match my ERB assignment history (I have a couple Reserve NCOER's). I've heard different opinions.

Does the SFC board look at NCOER's from when I was a Reservist, and again, if so, would it have to reflect assignment history on ERB?

Thanks in advance to anyone who has any insight into the correct process.
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In my case, I went from Army Reserves and Guard to Marine Corps active; then had a 7-year break and returned to the Army Guard. After 9/11, I went from Army Guard to Army active and then went from enlisted (E-6) to Warrant Officer. I think this makes me qualified to explain to you how your ERB should look and I was in your same shoes and I got selected for WO. BTW, after I became a Warrant Officer, all my enlisted information was eliminated from my ORB and I had to rebuild my ORB with the proper information. But all my enlisted assignment history never transferred to my ORB and only assignment history as an officer will show. That is how it works.

I am currently at 26 years for pay but have 17 years in AFS. I completed PLDC and BNCOC common core in the Guard and had that added and shown under military education on my AD ERB.

In a nutshell, your Reserve assignment history will not be placed on your AD ERB. What you should really concern yourself with is ensuring that your BASD is correct (that will properly show the gap in your service with your DIEMS, PEBD and BESD in Section III) and that any schools your did in the Reserves (e.g. ALC) shows on your current ERB. Also, for the board, what counts is that all your 1059s and awards that you earned in the Reserves is filed in your iPERMS and matches with those dates on your ERB. If you deployed in the Reserves, then ensure that appears in your Combat/OS section I but the assignment does not appear on your ERB (Section IX). Just ensure those orders and documents are uploaded into your iPERMS. And upload those Reserve NCOERs into your iPERMS if they are not already there.

Also, any awards that you earned, ensure those documents are uploaded in your iPerms and the awards match in your iPerms, DA photo and ERB.

Too easy.

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