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Interesting question,

Going over a few NCOs ERBs for upcoming boards some guys have courses listed in this block such as;

Commanders Safety Course
AOPD (forget the full name)

All of the ones that have that course said they did it through ALMS. When we asked our S1 they said that all ALMS courses or Correspondence related courses could not go in this block. Only residency courses could go there such as the normal schools like;


Those were not the only ones, some had upwards of 5 or 6 listed.

Does anyone have any guidance on this? I actually have the CSC listed and I took that online but not others.

For my board I'm not sure how the CSMs are going to view things like this if all of those supposed to have their hours added to the Correspondence hours.
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Originally posted by DRILLSGT25U:
Your S1 is full of crap. They are going off of what someone has told them. Use this link as guidance. Any school or ACCP course in ALMS on this list can be use under your Military Education block on the ERB. I have several on mine. You want your Military Education maxed out before the upcoming board.

From what I have have seen and been able to actually enroll in through ALMS these are the online courses available to anyone that can be added.

Army Safety & Composite Risk Management
Hazmat Familiarization and Safety in Trans-CBT
CBRN Defense Course
Sexually Transmitted Disease Intervention Course
Commanders Safety Course

I went line by line searching, and while there are a few others those can't be enrolled in any longer with the last class being in 2011 or earlier.

If anyone has any others I might have missed feel free to add to my list.
That was the intent of the original post, those courses are listed on both ACCP and Residency lists.

Same name, different ERB codes.

After speaking with many different folks on RallyPoint, in different S1's, etc. It is apparent that any type of school where your ass in not in a seat for 40 hrs at the minumum during a 5 day course it simply does not supposed to go on the Military Education block and should instead be added into your correspondece course hours.

Any cert off of skillport or ALMS should not be accepted.

The link on NCOSUPPORT for course codes with updated as of 2014 is still wrong, they are using a seperate list for promotion points only as the "new" resident course code list or an addition too the 2012 real list.

That list covers promotion points with a Y/N portion, it has nothing to do with Military Ed block on the ERB. They go in the correspondence portion.

The reason they have codes and abbreviated names is because those individual courses have to be added to your eMILPO file. When S1 checks your records and ERB they can see that that course has already been added into the count for total hours.

If you are looking at your ERB you will only see the total amount of hours completed. Only S1 will see every single online course you have done.

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