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Call the station and ask for the boss. Tell the boss what's going on, and although the recruiter might hate you Smiler don't worry, you'll 99.99999% never see them again once you fly to basic training.

His boss was actually my ORIGINAL recruiter, but he never called me to set anything up and he didn't give me his number. Lol. I'm going to give him this one last chance before I either go to a different office or get someone else in the office.
Not to rude but...

Are there any issues that would stop you from being in the Army? I am not on the side of the recruiter but I have seen it happen but mainly just to people that the recruiter couldn't find the guts to tell the applicant that he/she was DQ'd.

If there isn't any issues then you need to either ask for a different recruiter in the office or find another recruiting station that will take care of you. We have people come in the office all the time that say basically the same thing you are saying about another station. We take care of them and let the big boss know so he can take care of it since the Station Commander isn't.

How long have you been working with this office as a whole? I can think of a million different reasons why you aren't being worked with or passed around but either way you need to get to the bottom of it.

Have you taken the ASVAB and Physical yet and are just waiting on a job you like to appear? Is there something in your law background that is maybe requiring a waiver? Is there something in your medical history that is still waiting to come back?

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