I will be getting out of the army in 60 days using terminal leave. My unit is telling me that I will be going to the field with them next week. Does anyone know if there is a amount of time in which you can't be put on details or have to go to the field? If so, where can I find anything to prove this to be true. I've heard that within 60 days of getting out you can't be put on anything. I've also heard 90 days. Is this true?
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Completely not true. Until the day your terminal leave ends, your subject to whatever the Army wants you to do. This includes the fabled "I had my final physical, I can't do PT anymore."

Thats another false myth.

Yes this makes sense but then you are saying that he can go to the field when he should be taking care of very important stuff in order to make a big transition between Soldier and becoming a civilian again, not to mention he needs outprocessing time and his leave, damn it he earned it, I dont care who you are, I earned my leave so he should be able to take his...I say he takes it higher ups, bring it up to the BN CSM see what he says, doesnt work, bring it up higher...but you say you got 60 days until you start using your transitional leave. How long is your field time going to be?

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