ETS date wrong by 2 years need help fixing it

I enlisted in the Army Reserve in 6 June 2009 for 6 years. When I enlisted I saw that my ETS was wrong it was 2017 June 6 (it should have been 2015 June 6). When I enlisted I was planning on staying in but now I want to ETS.

If you look in I-Perms my enlistment paperwork looks similar to an 8 instead of a 6. I was able to make the enlistment paperwork more legible and look like a 6.

I was also able to zoom into the document in tiff form and I was able to see a 6.

I was told when I enlisted that the maximum number of years for an initial enlistment for the army reserve was 6 years. Can anyone else verify this?

What should I do to resolve this issue? I was thinking about talking with a recruiter and ask if the recruiter knows if there is a maximum initial enlistment for Army Reserve.

I was also thinking about calling the Inspector General and see if they could help me as well.

I have already notified my unit, but the S1 wont return until October 1.

So basically I am being affected by an illegible document.

Any help would be appreciated.


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All initial contracts are 8 years, and every initial DD4 will say 8 years.

Your reserve annex (normally annex A; may be uploaded in IPERMS as DA form 3540) will specify which portion is selected reserve and which portion may be IRR.

Most TPU contracts are 6x2. 3x5s are not uncommon, and I have even seen a couple of "straight 8" contracts.
For the previous, the 8 year requirement would not have applied because your USAR enlistment was not your initial contract.

I have never seen an 8 year prior service contract. With what I've seen from MEPS, it wouldn't surprise me, but it should be for 6 years.

Your reserve annex may also have the term, or if you had a bonus addendum it may be listed there as well.
I called a recruiter and asked the recruiter how many years can I enlist in the army reserve during the initial enlistment, and he told me 6 years.

So I was glad to hear that. Now I have to work on changing the ets date.

Is it possible to call DFAS in Indiana, do they have a number? or how about e-mail?

thanks for the assistance

As I stated in my last post, you will eventually need to engage your chain of command and should call your full-timer at your unit.

A recruiter and DFAS does not have the power to ETS you. Someone also mentioned you can contact IG.

So print out your contract and take it to your unit because your S1 will engage higher and/or personnel for separation.

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