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This is my current situation. My ETS date is set for May 2013, which is what is shown on my ERB.

When I first went to MEPS in Jan 2009, I signed the 4/1 document which states that I am enlisting for a period of 5 years active duty.

In May 2009, when I reported to MEPS for shipping to basic, I spoke to the same councilor and asked him that I wanted to enlist for 4 years instead of 5 years and if there is a way to change the enlistment contract. He told me that is no problem and gave me a new 4/3, which states that I am getting off DEP to enlist for a period of 4 years (instead of 5). Now my 4/3 clearly states that I am enlisting for 4 years in the regular service but I still have the old 4/1. My ERB and LES also correctly show that I serve for 4 years and ETS in May 2013.

I am starting my ACAP process. Should I be concerned that my 4/1 states 5 years and my updated 4/3 states 4 years?

Note: My DA form 3286 also states that I am enlisting in the active service for 4 years.
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Chief, thanks for the response. My iPerms has the same documents. That is, the old 4/1 that I signed in January 2009 with the 5 years written on it and the new 4/3 that I signed in May 2009, before shipping to basic, with 4 years written on it. So the new 4/3 voids the old 4/1 and I get out in 2013?
Thanks again.

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