I dont know if this is the right place for this question, but I'm ETSing in a few weeks and have a TON of ACUs left over. I have the original ones as well as the flame retardent ones. Can I sell these or is that a no no? I dont have any reason to keep 20 sets of ACUs and most of them are in almost never worn condition.
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Hey, thanks for all the replies so quick! Yes I'll be in the IRR for almost 3 years, but the wear out time on ACUs is 6 months and my last issue was over a year ago, so wouldn't they have to reissue me ACUs or whatever new uniforms they have at the time? I plan on keeping the best 4 sets I have anywy, 2 of which still have all the tags on em Smiler
Yes the wear-out time is 6 months in a field environment... But you are going to be in neither a field environment nor will you be even WEARING them... Sure you can go ahead and make a buck or two off of them and probably get issued more if you get called back in but... seriously? Come on dude.
Originally posted by SSG Lulu:

How is he supposed to "make sure they go to people who will not let them fall in the hands of enemies"?

With this basis he should only be selling to other soldiers or friends/family members.

Yes, and?

I'm sure there are plenty of Soldiers or family members out there.
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Well, you suggested that he "...could sell them via Craigslist or ebay, base thriftstore, Army surplus store, etc..."

So say "I want to make sure only authorized personnel are wearing these uniforms- verification of military ID required"
Well, that definitely can be done if you sell them yourself, but if you sell them to a Surplus store there wouldn't be anyway you could verify that. Also, there isn't really any point to making sure our enemies don't get them when our enemies can just as easily buy them off of Ebay or Surplus stores.

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