ETS while PCSed OCONUS (Restricted - HFZ/IDA)

Gentlemen and Sergeants,

I would really appreciate any assistance, advice, opinions, and insults I can get on this issue. The problem is that I have no standing orders to leave and I'm not sure if leaving is even an option right now. I'd like to know when I should suspect to receive orders, if i'll be heading to a transition point to ETS or my HAAP selected assginment, or if I'm going to be stuck here until my ETS. Details are as follows;

I am currently PCSed to a imminent danger area which is considered a dependent restricted OCONUS tour.

My DEROS is 26 Oct 12 with a HAAP predesignated to FTCKY so currently I'm just under 45 days.

My ETS is 8 Mar 13 and I have enough terminal leave saved to exit on 17 Jan 13.

TA50 is half in storage and half with my wife.

I have not been requested to ext/reenlist so I do not have a DEC statement on file yet.

Enrolled to ACAP at the 1 year mark but have not been able to schedule any sort of classes or briefings because I'm not aware that they exist here.

I'm almost entirely isolated on this deployment and am embedded directly to a joint branch with roughly two other greensuiters embedded in total. I don't believe I have local S1 representation and my email contact has not contacted me back in over a week now, but was mentioning sending me to a transition point? I really don't know what that entails.

So my final questions are, am I entitled to ACAP in the states, or are there some sort of other alternative? Am stuck here until 2 days prior to my ETS and if so will I be able to take terminal leave? What would a reasonable time frame be to provide potential civilian employers as to when I'll be available? Thank you anyone who pays attention to me. I'm sort of at my wits end with the utter lack of any answers whatsoever.

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One other thing. I need an answer like yesterday because I've been told that if I cannot provide written justification on why the storage companies should extend government coverage of my household goods that it would be switched to commercial costs which I'd be responsible for and my household goods would no longer be insured by the government. The dead line for this is next month, and I was notified about a week ago. Because the ARMY has assigned me a HAAP assignment I understand that I'd lose the ability to move my household goods in the event I released storage to my wifes location. This would also cause a serious storage issue for my wife. Trying to stay positive. Thanks again for any help whatsoever.
Hellz, I really appreciate that bud. I'm not going to lie, though I tried to stick to just the details as much as I could, I sort of feel like I've been left with the improbable exception here.

I'm like 7th generation military and proud as hell of my service but I don't know why trying to get out has left me with so little answers. I thought we were trying to downsize a little? Let me out and leave in the poor private with kids and a family with the desire and need to stay in.

With that, this young buck will leave the ranting to the experts. Thanks everyone involved so far!

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