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Hi, my husband just got his percentages back two days ago and he is being medicaly discharged from the Army with V.A. rated disability of 80%. I have some questions about Transportation on ETS orders.We would appricate any advice/help.
1. I know the general answer is "yes, it has to be H.O.R.". But here is the thing; We are moving to my Fathers for now. My Fathers home is 8 miles from my husband's Home Of Record. My Fathers town is the county seat with plenty of storage units. Husbands H.O.R. is a podunk town with limited storage. With being medicaly discharged but not medicaly retired, will Transportation move our things only to his H.O.R.?
2. Does ETSing Transportation rules allow the moving company to un-load into a storage unit? (granted I will be present for the un-load)
3. Will they move a 16 foot flat bottom boat? Anyone ever have them move your flat bottom boat befor?
Thank you for any help. I really appricate it. Really,I do. Any other ETS advice more than welcome..
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Sounds like all these questions can be BEST answered by making an appointment with the local transportation office after your husband gets his separation orders.

I'm sure there is anxiety involved with a sudden change in life direction and a reasonable level of uncertainty with not having the secure income the Active component provides, but try and have patience. Any answer that does not come from the local transportation office might not be entirely correct.
Yeah I agree, I didn't mention its just Saterday and we plan on going to transportation Monday and asking all this stuff. I just have ants in my pants trying to "get ahead" of myself. Our home sold, too. God, I hope transportation isn't backed up by much or we will suck it up and do a DIY. We are just waiting for cut orders and then, Transportation here we come...But I know we can go pick their "brains" Monday on these issues...I am hoping for anyone with similar experance to chim in, too.
Ok, this is for anyone else checking this post that needs similar advice/answers. I called Transportation yesterday. They said,on the boat issue,they will move if its 14ft or under.(I only asked about Flatbottom Johnboats)
On the ETS moving items to Home Of Record, they will move it within 50 miles of H.O.R. and thats good news for us.
If anyone stumbles upon this post and had the same concerns, please remember it is the Army and they will change The Rules constantly. Call your post's Transportation Office. Ft Riley's was friendly when I called and answered all my question's. I had some pretty "dumb"/ "concerning" ones too Smiler.

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