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Soldier in unit, has history of disregards to authority figures, recently became my soldier.
She had an appointment at a specific time today and while the rest of the unit was collectively busy accomplishing a task, she left. I have seen her do this while under other NCO's but this is her first infraction with me. How do I go about counseling her? I want to nip this in the bud before it sets a precedent. I had spoken to her about maybe being released early in order to get her things in order for said appointment, but she left of her own volition. What articles did she violate and in your opinion, what kind of corrective training is appropriate?

*she left without informing me.
*she left hours prior to her appointment.
*I called her 3 times within the hour of her leaving and she did not answer.
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Counsel her. Put the facts of today's incident. You don't need to know which articles, let the Commander (who will ask JAG) figure that out. Tell her it's unacceptable to leave work (or not show up to work) without authorization.

Plan of action:
-inform you (or appropriate person if you're gone) of when appointments are scheduled
-inform you when she's leaving for appointments
-unexcused absences will be considered as dereliction of duty and dealt with in accordance with the UCMJ

Corrective training could be
-doing whatever you were working on by herself
-essay on importance of scheduling
-essay on what happens when Soldiers don't keep superior informed of what's going on
or plenty of other ideas..

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