Extension to meet SRR(over 10 years service)

I'm working on an overseas assignment to Germany, I lack a few months for the SRR to PCS with dependents and am seeking to extend to meet that. I just hit 10 years of active service and was told by my Branch Manager that he thinks he had someone else in my situation and they were not allowed to extend but had to reenlist since they were past 10 years.

I was searching AR 601-280 and didn't see any limitations to extension after hitting 10 years of service. Table 4-1 states under bullet 2 that to volunteer for an overseas assignment, 23 months per extension and 48 months of total extensions but not eligible if in the Reenlistment Eligibility Window which I am not in the window for reenlistment.

Am I missing something in the regulation somewhere else that would put me in some sort of extended window that would allow me to reenlist so far out and disallow an extension due to my time in service?

He and I both are working to get ahold of our organizations Career Counselor but I'm in an MOS where he is managing the entire field by himself and want to be able to help push the issue with regulatory guidance before this assignment disappears.
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What is wrong with re-enlisting? What is your rank?

I had to re-enlist as a SSG to meet the time left in service (SRR) to PCS. It was not big deal. If you are worried about indef; don't be.

If you have an issue finding the answer to your question with your BN career counselor then approach the BDE career counselor for your answer.

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