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What is the word on the street? Is all FA being converted to MP? How temporary/permanent is it? I am thinking about branching FA, but I want to know what the trend is before making a career decision.

Thanks in advance.
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I'm FA right now, and just wanted to say there's been rumors of alot of things, for instance, we were getting HIMARS, Then the A1's, then MP.....the list goes on, but regardless if you go to iraq, and you're FA, you will be everything, MP,Trans, Escorts...doesn't matter, but yeah we have to have some FA.
Thats a bit crazy of an idea right now. While the role of artillery is not what it used to be, the need for it has not totally gone away. Like was stated earlier, yes, deploying to Iraq, you will get some MP training. But as far as reclassing the entire Field into MP, I don't think so.

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