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Mt daughter failed her first AIT and was reclassed to 68W. The rumor is that if she fails this AIT, she will be discharged because it is her second AIT fail. Is this true or will she just be reclassed again? She's a basket of nerves considering this MOS is the second hardest to pass.
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Sorry to hear. I'm not sure what the exact rules are.

I'm sure if she asks for help from the instructors/NCOs she'll be okay. As a former AIT instructor, I was more than happy to help anyone who asked. Too many Soldiers are scared to say anything though.

I would emphasize that your daughter needs to do the right thing ALL THE TIME because the Command will help her more if she's a stellar Soldier.

Good luck to her!
Thank you. She is doing very well with doing what she's suppose to. She got to phase 5 privileges 2 weeks before others because of behavior. She is one who wants to do right all the time, so failing an AIT doesn't sit well with her. She is also not one to ask too many questions of her superiors, so I doubt she will.I just wish I could find out if she would be discharged. Thank you again

Your daughter will do just fine. She just has to ask questions, again and again until she gets it. Some folks dont catch on as quick as others..doesnt mean she is slow or that she isnt smart its just the way it is. ALot of times the instructors arent the best anyways so its many factors. So keep motivating your daughter and she will be fine.

Why would this mother join her daughter's pity party? It sound like to me she is trying to uplift and motivate her daughter.And you dont know what job is the hardest in the army/military and like I said people grasp things differently it doesnt mean anything at the end of the day.

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