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If an NCO were to fail ALC, would that soldier be flagged? If so, what AR or SOP can I find this information? I looked through AR 600-8-2 briefly and could not find this information. Any help would be highly appreciated. Thanks.
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AR 600-8-19:

10–18. Failure to complete or attend Noncommissioned Officers Education System
Soldiers who fail to successfully complete, fail to remain eligible to be scheduled for or attend, who are denied
enrollment in, or who do not attend their scheduled NCOES class (through fault of the Soldier) will be administratively
reduced or removed from the promotion list. Soldiers will only be reduced when NCOES is required for his/her current
grade. Soldiers will be removed from promotion list when promotion is being held in abeyance (for reasons set forth in
para 1–27). The effective date of administrative reduction is the date of the action that caused the Soldier to be
ineligible to retain the promotion. The DOR will be the previous DOR held at the reduced grade.

This is the only thing that I found, I dont see anything about being flagged...

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