Fear of heights, let alone, jumping out! Airborne School

I just switched brigades in germany due to a force cap from 172nd SIB to 173rd ABCT. Im in an airborne unit, ofcourse they all want their guys to jump out. Me, i never did it cause im freaked out about jumping out.
The unit is pushing all guys not airborne to benning for the school. Ive been reading and watching video's on airborne. Ive read, heard from buddies of mine that are airborne.

How do I overcome the fear of jumping out?

On the static line, how high do you jump?

Im seriously gonna need somebody to push me out haha...

Any other info on over coming the fear and any knowledge of the course would be appreciative. Thankyou
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I go in February and I am terrified too. My husband just went through also and he was also afraid of heights, but he said by the time you jump you are so built up that it is easy.
The training is structured so that you are ready for it the jumps are 1,150 ft. Face the fear and over come it!!

As you progress through the training at Airborne School the black hats (Airborne school instructors) prepare you for jumping out of aircraft on jump week, the last week of airborne school. Jump school is extremely structured. Everything you will need to do and know will be tediously rehearsed and repeated over and over again until it is muscle memory. Yes, you will need to have the courage to leap out of an aircraft and it is normal to be a little scared and anxious. If you aren't feeling anything there would be something seriously wrong with you! Believe me, if you stall at the door you will get booted out of the aircraft by a black hat(s). I seen it done! During airborne school you will do jumps out of the aircraft at approximately 1250 feet. After that it depends on the unit. Some of my buddies in the 82nd did jumps at 800 feet while SOF units typically do jumps at 1200 feet. I been on airborne status since 2005 and I still get a little nervous on every jump but I am confident in what I need to do so I know I will be alright. Good luck and if you want to know more you should definitely check out the U.S. Army Airborne School website:
Thankyou both for the useful info.
That fear of mine, naturally revoloves around the equipment im using. So, as soon as I heard im going, im starting to say to myself, the equipment is fine and wont fail. thats the last thing i need now, is it to fail! haha... But i need to believe in my training and equipment, and hope for the best and do it! Thankyou... But im pretty sure ill be kicked out once or twice before i get the feel for it. Smiler
Thankyou again and enjoy your weekends

Fear of heights is normal for humans, you must trust in your training and self confidence that your personal courage will carry you through all of your training.
Once you exit the aircraft on your first jump you will realize that all of your training will take over from muscle memory.

And you be excited to execute your remaining 4 jumps to graduate.

Do not fear what you do not know, be curious.

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